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online kids’ interiors

and rooms for their big people, too

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hey, mama, let’s talk for a minute

Believe me, I know that’s about all the time you’ve got!

You want a home that feels welcoming, comfortable, and lived in.

AND, sure, you’d love to tackle this project yourself but who has time to go visit stores and websites?

You’re so busy being a mom (+!) that any spare time you have isn’t spent shopping for decor.

Good news for you: you’ll get the room your family really wants and you don’t have to add more to your to-do list!

ways we can collaborate:

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Jen Pollard Online Kids Interiors Park Place Designs

Hi, I'm Jen, kids’ interiors fanatic

Mama. Designer. Seattlite. Introvert. Not necessarily in that order.

I’ve got two, erm, energetic boys and I was a preschool teacher before that. I’ve been “working” with kids and their families my whole life. Getting to design seriously custom rooms using materials that really make a difference is a dream come true.

When I’m not designing you'll most likely find me listening to music, squeezing in a short run or binge-watching old Trading Spaces re-runs. Basically getting a little “solo” time when I can. That’s hard to find for us Mama Introverts!

I'm a foodie when I can be but can't deny the excellence of french fries dipped in a Frosty. And I LOVE my sports teams. I have bits of my heart in Kansas City (where I grew up), Seattle (where I live now), and San Francisco (where I go to get away from it all).