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Try this on for sizeā€¦..

You want a warm, welcoming, comfortable, functional, stylish, personalized, classic (not trendy), home that grows with your family.

And you want it without spending a fortune and wasting a lot of time doing the legwork

Is that too much to ask?

Nope! After working together using the magic of online interior design, you'll walk away with

  • a personalized color palette so that you *know* your stuff looks good.
  • A list of specific items to buy, where to buy them, and where to put them in your home. So that you don't waste time. Seriously? Buy and stick it there. That simple.
  • A floor plan so that you make the best use of the space you have. It's hard enough to avoid walking on Lego without bumping your shins on a coffee table.
  • A mood board so that you have a clear visual of how the room looks when put together


I work within your budget to give you this plan that you can do when it suits you. On your schedule. Basically? You're the boss!

How? Online!

Pictures, ideas, questions, all done via email. Let's face it; how many things in life do we do online? Exactly! Now use it to create your family's dream home.

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