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Tell me if this rings a bell....

You love to support your kids' passions (perfect attendance for soccer practice!)

You really appreciate that your friends invite you to a coffee catch up (You do enjoy chatting with your besties in measured doses)

And the fact that you get to be a part of your child's education (Friday morning classroom volunteering, TGIF!) is everything.

But the hustle and bustle involved in all that participation is exhausting!

Wouldn't it be great to cuddle up in a chunky Swedish throw and do a crossword?

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Jen Pollard Online Kids Interiors Park Place Designs

Hi! I’m Jen!

Mama. Designer. Seattlite. Introvert. Not necessarily in that order.

We are on the same page!

Ultimately, we know that social events and outings are needed. For us and our family. But we're also sorry/not sorry when plans fall through and we can squeeze in an extra episode of Queer Eye.

Most days we do make it out and faux-extrovert our way through life. After all that busy, wouldn't it be great to come home to a space that feels soothing, personalized and where we can finally get our bras off/slippers on?

If you don’t have a space like that? Introverted Mama, we need to get you one.

I have two, erm, energetic boys and I know home can get a bit crazy. But, you and I need to have spaces that support our lives where we can. When designed well, homes can help us recharge, connect to values, and create a place where we can connect with the people that matter to us…

Hey, mama, we got this!