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whole room design


You want a thoughtful room, and you want to enjoy the process, too!

You know you want some changes for your home, but the idea of hitting store after store to look at furniture you might not even like and then returning home frustrated and empty-handed? Huh. Uh.

Anyone can go to a big box store and pull decor off the shelves. But you want something different. Something better. Something that matters. But where is this stuff?

Imagine this...a room for your family that is:

  • Sourced carefully using eco-friendly products when possible

  • Filled with unexpected, distinctive finds

  • Unique; just like your family

  • Creative and clever, fun and useful

  • Supportive of your community

  • Sourced entirely online

Next, imagine all the details and planning going into this unique room, pulled directly from your inspiration! Also? It comes together while you go about life as usual.

  • With your input, I’ll do the legwork behind the scenes *the non-glamorous stuff that I just happen to love!

  • Together we’ll craft a wonderful shopping plan, and you don’t have to press "pause" on your life to make this room happen.

    • No extra outings, errands, or chores to add to your to do list!

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Well guess what. You aren't dreaming, and we can totally do this.


Here's how the online interior design process works.


I’ll check out your intake form and deposit, and within two days I’ll contact you to learn more!

  • Fear not! I’ve got some great tips to guide you through giving me all the 411 (inspiration, measurements, photos of your existing space, and your general budget) that I need to put an amazing room together for you

Two days after I have all your details, I’ll send you a mood board to make sure we’re on the same wavelength. With your thumbs up we’ll dive into step two!

  • Worried that you won’t like the design direction? Don’t worry, if I haven’t won you over yet, your deposit is completely refundable.

    • PS, this hasn’t happened yet! But if this happens, I’ve got lots of designer besties that I am happy to connect you with if it seems like you might make a better team

  • Click here to get your initial design deposit out of the way


All good, all engines go, 3-2-1 blastoff? Hooray! Here’s where you pay the rest of the design fee and sit back for two weeks while we create our design concoction.

  • Daily for two weeks, you’ll get an email from me addressing any questions you have, sharing the progress we’ve made so far and some products and ideas to weigh in on.

  • This is totally collaborative. You need YOU in your room!

Completed Design Delivered!

  • Two weeks (or less) from when we launch in to step two, you get your finalized design plans all wrapped up in a (virtual) bow!

  • Your finished package includes all the goodies about the project, from a clickable shopping list, to where to put the furniture, to any designer tips and tricks that’ll help you really finish off your space!



  • You’ve got your list, start shopping from the comfort of your home on YOUR time!

  • Click, buy, then wait for the UPS truck like a kid listening for the ice cream truck

  • Get your room arranged in the best, most comfiest way possible

  • Put those finishing touches on the room that really set your room apart from everyone else’s


  • Curl up with your little (or not so little!) one and read a book together in the room you envisioned

  • Anxious about design distress?

    • Don’t be! You’ve got other things to worry about than this fabulous project! If you need me, I’ll be around for 30 days to answer questions about set-up or find solutions for out of stock items

So what does a whole room design cost anyway? Just $825 total ($100 upfront and $725 after our initial consult)! Ready to do this?

frequently asked questions

Is online interior design for me?

Hopefully! You'll love the flexibility that the online aspect affords you. After you receive your package, it’s up to you when and where you purchase your items.

But it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a super hands-on designer who brings over swatches and installs your rooms for you while you’re away for the weekend, online interior design might not necessarily be for you. This is a very independent process.

How long does it take to get my room package delivered?

2 weeks (or less). It depends on how many online interior design projects I’m currently crafting. Being a stay-at-home mama, my monthly project limit is four projects in a month. Check in to see what the waiting list looks like.

Will I be able to use furniture or decor that I already have?

Of course! It's essential to incorporate things that are important to you and your family. You should be represented in your design! Revolutionary, isn’t it? Let’s celebrate those that mean most to you. Your comfort items.

My kids are HARD on furniture. Will this design last?

Yep! Completely on the same page. I have two uber-active little guys and kittens. We're in the same boat! You'll get info about pieces that are tough when they need to be, soft when they need to be and easy to clean

I'm not entirely thrilled with the end product. Can I get a refund?

Once we’ve started exchanging mood boards and ideas, no. There are no refunds. We work closely together during the information gathering stage. We'll check in frequently and nothing new will be sprung on you when you get your package. Since you cannot “un-see” the plans we work on together, payment is up-front and final.

What makes you different from other designers?

I've worked with kids my whole life. College degree, preschool teacher, parenthood. I understand kids. Rooms for tinies aren't something I "can" do. They're my passion. I'm not going to make a room your family can't enjoy. I shop thoughtfully using local vendors, artists and environmentally conscious products whenever possible. Families supporting their communities.

Questions answered? Great! Get started working together here

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let’s start this project!

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