thanksgiving is right around the corner and you don’t have an extra second to think about all the preparations needed.

Life doesn’t slow down just because it’s the holiday season, am I right, Mama? There’s still soccer practice and book reports and……also getting ready for a family/friend/visitors celebration? Ahh!

this guide has proven tips that don’t take a ton of time or energy to implement

Because you don’t have any to spare.

Grab your free thanksgiving with kids survival guide and inside you’ll find:

· Ways to get your living room ship shape for company

  • With help from your family

  • And actually be able to still live in it

· Guest room tips to wow overnight guests (free babysitting, anyone?)

· Bedding 101

  • Let’s face it, the bed’s the biggie in the guest room, right? Make them feel extra special!


A guide to nailing the big dinner with kids

  • Ways to set the kids up for success before, during and after dinner

  • Relax and enjoy your dinner, dare I say it, warm?

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