A brand new teen room

Teen room troubles: who's the boss?

Does it feel like your teen disagrees with you about everything sometimes? Well, we probably did, too, at their age. But make no mistake, there will be no hell raised when you show them their new room. They might even thank you. Or shrug. But they'll love it; trust me.

Teen room troubles: changing times

Tackling a new teen room on your own can be tricky. They want so badly to be grown up. And they still sleep with their stuffed bear. They want to be treated as an adult, yet expect you to do their laundry. They'll always be your baby, but they're also becoming their own person. It's a confusing time! For them AND you. How would anyone know what sort of teen bedroom design to put together?

Teen room troubles: everyone wins

Here's where I step in, as an objective outsider, to create the perfect room for your teen that is stylish, functional and, oh yeah, fun! I'll even sneak in a fantastic little study nook if needed. They'll totally want to spend more time there!

Here are some of my favorite teen rooms I've designed for families.

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