Put together the perfect room for baby with this Setting Up a Nursery Kit!

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My free 5-day email series has everything you’ll need to create a warm, cozy, and nurturing space for your little one AND you.

Day 1: Setting up a Nursery-- Unique Color Palettes

I’ll send you fresh color combos that go way beyond pink and blue. Perfect for your one-of-a-kind nursery.

Day 2: Setting Up a Nursery-- Essentials of Scandinavian Design

Incorporate the best of Scandinavian style. I’ll show you how to achieve that serene, natural feeling that the Scandinavians do best.

Day 3: Setting Up a Nursery-- A little Boho Inspiration

Make your nursery as unique as your baby. My bohemian basics will help you add calming vibes to your room, as well as a little quirk.

Day 4: Setting Up a Nursery-- Exclusive Shopping Guide

Do what’s best for your baby AND the planet. Get my specially curated list of shops offering eco-friendly nursery products that are perfect for your nursery.

Day 5: Crib Safety Information Sheet

You get this before it's actually been released to the public! Here's a handy sheet with the nitty gritty details needed to keep your baby safe in their crib. You can breathe easy knowing that if they're not in your arms, they're in good arms with their crib.