Kids Room Design +

Kids Room Design +


Kids these days are lucky! They have access to so many things, and sometimes that means a bedroom AND a little extra space. No sweat! Together we'll put together a room "+", meaning all the goodies in a normal bedroom and an additional area (study area, lounging, reading). And if that area is a particularly techy area? You'll get all the ins and outs of hooking up all the equipment. You'll look so savvy!

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With this package you'll get:

  • A detailed floor plan. No schlepping furniture back and forth all over the place. I'll share where to put each piece so that you have the perfect room flow

  • A shopping link to each product selected. Hunting around the internet for the basket that looks like the one in that picture you want? Nah. Here's a clickable list so that you can go straight to what you want to buy

  • A mood board. A clear, concise representation of the look and feel of your room. Each piece represented. Correlated. So that you can see the whole picture in one place
  • An additional area just for them and their friends (not a whole room, but a nook). I'll do a work station/desk situation or maybe a gaming/TV seating area. Something a little above and beyond just where they sleep. Make their space really work for them.
  • A detailed list of the electronic needs they've got, where to put them, how many outlets and strips you need, all those goodies. Rest confident that they have everything they need working everywhere they need it to work. And you get bonus points for looking like the tech savvy parent we all wish we were.

The point is, you have the specific details you need so that you can start putting together your room. And the best part is it's now on YOUR schedule. When you can work on it and when it makes sense for your family. Enjoy!

Add a room to your house that complements the overall feel of the house. No longer do kids rooms have to stick out like a sore thumb. They're on-board with the family style!

Have a place for your kiddo that is above and beyond the "bed in a bag" approach to room decor. This baby will be designed just for them, warts and all. Seriously, though, they'll love how every component of their room works specifically for them. An entire room of rainbows? Easily done, my friend.

Know that the decor we've picked out together is functional as well as beautiful. Kids aren't the most careful of creatures. No need to worry that things look better than they work. The pieces I choose for their room are in for the long haul.

Be the boss of your project. You have the plans and directions to transform your kiddo's room into a functional, yet still cozy (and livable!) space on YOUR schedule. You buy what you want when it makes sense for your family.