Room review package

You've got a lot of pieces in place for your room. Maybe you're looking for help with a wall color or want to be pointed towards a great "big kid" bed. Enter: the Room Review package!

Online interior design is a fairly new approach to the field of design. So let's talk specifics about how it works and what you can expect!

 art leaning against a wall online interior design for kids room review package


  • Step 1: Purchase your Room Review package here.
  • Step 2: Pay attention to the Terms of Service. This serves as our contract for working together. By moving forward with the purchase you are acknowledging your acceptance of these terms. If you want a copy of this, let me know. I'm happy to send one your way!
  • Step 3: Less than 24 hours after I get your payment (and implied contract), you will receive your Welcome Packet including your homework:
    • Pictures of your home currently, so that I can get an idea of where we're starting and where we can go
    • Room and furniture measurements, so that you can be comfy cozy with the best possible floor plan
    • Home inspirations: so that I get a peek in your brain. What makes you happy?
    • Client questionnaire: I don't want to miss a detail about you. This makes sure I get a picture of who will be using the new space and what their dreams, hopes and desires are.
  • Step 4: Send me back all the info from your welcome packet.
  • Step 5: Within 24 hours of your email, I'll go over everything to see if I have any questions. If I do, I'll send them your way! If not....
  • Step 6: I'll send you a note letting you know I'm getting my creative juices going!


I've got all your paperwork. What happens now? Do your normal thing! Life is busy enough as it is. Don't waste a moment slowing down for me. I'll send you questions if I have them but otherwise I'll do my elf-magic while you do you.

I will get your room review back to you in no longer than two weeks. Depending on how many other families I'm working with, this time may be shorter.


I hand over your one of a kind, made-specifically-by-us-for-you plan. The Room Review includes up to 5 suggestions for finishing off your room so that you can finally relax and enjoy a finished product. And those suggestions? In the form of a clickable shopping list so that you're not hunting hither and thither for those final touches.

The point is, you have the specific details you need so that you can start putting together your room. And the best part is it's now on YOUR schedule. When you can work on it and when it makes sense for your family. Enjoy!

Complement the overall feel of the house. No longer do kids rooms have to stick out like a sore thumb. They're on-board with the family style!

Go way above and beyond the "bed in a bag" approach to room decor. This baby will be designed just for them, warts and all. Seriously, though, they'll love how every component of their room works specifically for them. An entire room of rainbows? Easily done, my friend.

Be functional as well as beautiful. Kids aren't the most careful of creatures. No need to worry that things look better than they work. The pieces I choose for their room are in for the long haul.

You are the boss of your project. You have the plans and directions to transform your kiddo's room into a functional, yet still cozy (and livable!) space on YOUR schedule. You buy what you want when it makes sense for your family.