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When it comes to interiors:

You want your rooms to enhance your life, not just look great

  • What is the point of having a Pinterest-pretty room if your family can't live in and enjoy it?

  • Along the same lines, having an expensive rocker that you can't bear to sit in? Makes no sense!

You want to be part of the process

  • None of this copying a look from a catalog or Pinterest. You want unique and custom. You want to reflect your living, breathing family.

  • You've got ideas to share and things you'd like to include. Why not??

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You want to choose what goes in your rooms carefully

  • Safety, number one. Eco-friendly, sustainable and organic products when at all possible.

    • For your family and for their future.

  • Community is important.

    • When you buy local, support small businesses and artisans you're not only participating and bolstering yours, you're modeling for your kids.

And most of all you don't. Have. Time.

  • Life is busy enough with work and family, you don't have time to research the best furniture and decor!

  • Any spare time you DO have isn't spent shopping. It's spent living and enjoying family.


There's an answer for all these struggles and it's Online Interiors.

Here are two levels of support:

Interiors Chat

You've got a great start on your project; the ideas are flowing. You'd just like to touch base with someone else to talk it out. A quick, 30-minute chat or a bit longer with some notes and you’ll move forward confident in your design. Click here for more info

Starting at $89


Whole Room Design

Life's moving pretty fast! Maybe you're moving to a new home or perhaps you're expecting AND working. You need things taken care of; you're stressed enough! Let's talk about a whole room design