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design process and services

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You want a room for your kiddo that comes from a thoughtful place.

Anyone can go to a big box store and pull kids decor off the shelves. But you want something different. Something better. Something that matters. But where is this stuff?


Imagine this...a room for your kiddo that is:

  • Sourced carefully for your family using eco-friendly products when possible
  • Filled with unexpected, distinctive finds
  • Unique; just like your child
  • Creative and clever, fun and useful
  • Supportive of your community

Next imagine all the details and planning going into this unique room coming together while you go about life as usual. No need to press "pause" on life to make this room happen.

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Well guess what. you aren't dreaming, and we can totally do this.

Here's how the online interior design process works.

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step one: let's talk

Here's where you share all you've got on the room, both as is and as you'd like it to be. Technical things like measurements, and creative things like inspiration photos. Show me what you've got!

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Step two: team work

We work together virtually to make sure your room design shapes up the way you want it. When we're all set, you receive your design package. In it, everything you need to put together that room from shopping list to floor plan.

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Step three: admire your work

Your furniture has been delivered to your door. You confidently arranged the room knowing you're making the most of your floor plan. Everything's in its place. Congrats! You've put together a completely original room for your little one AND supported your community.


You've got two levels of interior design support to choose from:

Trust me, you don't want to miss out on:

  • Collaborating on a room designed just for your kiddo
  • A room that celebrates the individuality of your child
  • A chance to actively participate in your community as a family

we'll be two peas in a pod if you:

  • Want a better room for your child....and life just doesn't stop to do it
  • See the potential beyond the available
  • Love the idea of meandering through street markets and discovering treasures
  • Believe your purchases can make a larger impact
  • Enjoy shopping local and keeping Mom and Pop stores in the community
  • Are game to spend a little more on quality, healthy products
  • Like putting the pieces of your decor "puzzle" together after we talk about the bigger picture

online interior design might not be a great fit if:

  • You’re looking for "white glove service" from design to installation. We work together but you bring it all together in the end
  • You're looking for a $97 solution. I make a budget go as far as I can, but part of quality products means investing in your child's room
  • And, psst! If this is you, no worries! I'll help you find someone who can help

Before, you'd dream about how wonderful your child's room could be. You knew there was more out there than just a bed-in-a-bag solution.

After your project walk into your child’s room, settle in to read a book with them and smile to yourself knowing that their room is as healthy, personalized and Considered as you can make it. that you made this for them.