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online interior design consultations

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you've got a pretty good sense of what you want to do with your design project but You could use an idea buddy to talk things through with. you'd love to have:

  • Some confirmation or advice on your plans
    • The ability to walk through the space and talk through your ideas
    • A review of your design boards
    • A chance to talk through colors
    • Some unique pieces in your project that you can't find everywhere

    i've got just the thing. purchase an online interior design consultation

    We'll have a Skype chat to clear up what you're working on and you'll get the answers you're looking for, both in that call and with follow-up information in a few days.

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    Ready? here's how it works

    Step one: tell me about your project here

    You've got a pretty good sense of what you want to do with your design project but you could use a thought partner to talk things through with. You'd love to have some feedback on your plans. A second set of eyes.

    schedule and pay for yours here


    Step two: fill out a project questionnaire

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    Share as much as you can about what you've done so far, where you'd like to be....where you'd like help

    Step three: let's chat about your project

    online interior design consults kids interiors

    We'll get together via Skype and discuss your project. I'm your sounding board for an hour!

    Let’s get this ball rolling!

    after our consultation you'll have:

    • A video recording of our Skype call

      • Don't worry about writing everything down or trying to soak it all in. You'll have a handy replay to watch whenever you need!

    • A to-do list and any other notes from our chat

      • Tackle that project of yours confident that you're on the right track

    sounds pretty fun, yes? Get started by booking here

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    this design consultation will be a great fit for you if you're:

    • Excited to show off your creativity

    • Loving the idea of a completely unique and personalized project

    • Looking for some reassurance and guidance in your design

    but if you're looking for more support?

    • Book a follow-up session to check in in a few weeks

    • Add on an additional furniture plan, linked shopping list or mood board

    • Check out the Whole Room Design Package available here

    all on the same page? Great! pick a convenient time to chat here

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    frequently asked questions

    Is online interiors for me?.

    I hope so! I love the flexibility that the online aspect affords you. After you receive your video and notes, it’s up to you when and where you purchase your items.

    But it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a super hands-on designer who brings over swatches and installs your rooms for you while you’re away for the weekend, online interior design might not necessarily be for you. This is a very independent process.

    How long does it take to get my consultation info?

    1 week (or less). It depends on how many other projects I've got cooking. I am also a stay-at-home mama, and this restricts my monthly project limit to four projects in a month. Check with me to see what the waiting list looks like

    Will I be able to use furniture or decor that I already have?

    Of course! You need to be represented in your design! Revolutionary, isn’t it? Let’s celebrate those that mean most to you and include your comfort items.

    My kids are HARD on furniture. Will the items suggest last?

    Yep! Completely on the same page. I have two uber-active little guys and kittens. Same boat! You'll hear about pieces that are tough when they need to be, soft soft at others and easy to clean. Realistic for day-to-day life.

    I'm not entirely thrilled with the end product. Can I get a refund?

    There are no refunds. Since you cannot “un-hear” the plans we work on together, payment is up-front and final.

    What makes you different from other designers?

    I've worked with kids my whole life. College degree, preschool teacher, parenthood. I understand kids. Rooms for tinies aren't something I "can" do. They're my passion. I'm not going to make a room families can't enjoy together. I shop thoughtfully using local vendors, artists and environmentally conscious products whenever possible. Families supporting their communities.

    next up:

    let’s get consulting!

    You’re ready to get started with your consultation and here’s your first step: book your chat here

    other services

    Maybe a 60 minute consultation is a bit more than you need. Or perhaps you’d like to work on your whole room! There are other options for working together!

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