You deserve….a home you really enjoy coming home to. That you're proud to share with family and friends. Where you will make memories. That says "you"


Hey! I know you....

You live a good, full life. Lots of love, laughter and good times. But it's hard to keep all those balls in the air. There's always something to do, right?

Sometimes you take care of others first. And things you'd really enjoy are pushed to the side.

You've got great ideas of how you want your home to look. But who has time to organize those dreams running through your head, organize a plan and then DO the design?

Because not just any ol' style works for you. You want the style to be YOUR style. None of that catalog look for your family. You already have pieces you'd like to include, and you want to be involved in the designing process. You want your home to flow effortlessly with your unique style.

Lydia Brewer Photography

Lydia Brewer Photography

And also? Families are expensive! You do your best to live healthfully. That organic produce and free-range meat starts to add up. And then add in ballet classes and cleats for soccer and Toddler story times. You want to live life to the fullest. And explore everything....And oh, yeah, of course there's saving for college, right?!?

You want your money to count! Wasting money on things that just don't quite work together isn't an option! You need to know where to get basics and where to spend thoughtfully (psst, that might just mean that stunning sofa you've had your eye on!).

Speaking of sofas, you need durability and longevity. Furniture doesn't end up being cheap if you have to replace it every few years because it doesn't hold up to junior's juice boxes. And buying a sofa that looks dated in two years? No way! You are looking for timeless not trendy and great design WITH practicality. That's not too much to ask, is it?

I. Hear. You. We're in the same boat! Now let's get this boat headed in the right direction!

Which brings me to how I can help at Park Place Designs. We work together to formulate plans for your home completely online. For more details on how THAT works, click here.

I'm passionate about getting past the intimidation of home design (and decorators!) to get you the home you deserve. We will work together using eDesign to create a plan. And in the end, you'll have the tools to execute that plan and the confidence to create the home your family dreams of

Hi, I'm Jen. I'm a working mama of two boys who loves the crazy mile-a-minute life we live. But I crave quiet cuddly bedtime stories too! I rock out to music from Eddie Vedder's solo stuff to the Gorillaz. I also happen to know most of the lyrics to "The Wheels on the Bus". I'm a foodie when I can be, and insist on the best, organic, locally sourced food we can afford. But when we get down to brass tacks, comfort foods for me will always include Velveeta shells and cheese and Suzy Q's.

And you know what? That's what makes me the perfect interior designer for you. Because you and me? We both strive to have the absolute best for our families in our own unique way.

So, where to next?

What it's like to work with me from those who have:

My daughter's bedroom was over-due for a make-over, but I really didn't have the time to go visit stores to get ideas, or to figure out what my budget should be. The design Jen created is flexible and can be easily updated as my daughter grows. Working with her on this project was a pleasure! --Angela W.

We worked with Jen to design our large living room which is the first room you enter in our home. We wanted it to make a good impression on our guests, while working for our day to day lives. I was struggling with how to decorate the space and what furniture would work best. She did a great job working with what we had, and recommending a few new pieces that fit our budget. I would definitely use Jen's services again for other rooms in our house, and would recommend her to others looking for a professional to work with on your home. She understands the needs of families and is realistic with her designs. --Kara M.