A little about me and how we'll make kids interiors fun again

Stop struggling with all those ideas you've got about kids interiors. I've got all the pieces to pull together that dream room for the kiddos AND you.

Hi there, Mama or Mama-to-be!

How exciting is it to be in the market for a new kid’s room? If you're like me, you've spent time gathering bits and pieces of rooms here and there. The cute quilt your grandma made for you would look great. Ooh! There's a fun little print on Etsy. And, oh! That mobile is darling! But that's about as far as it's gone, am I right?

You're BUSY! You've got life on your hands, whether that means juggling life, home, kids or have a baby on the way…you're pretty stretched!

And while you've got all those great kids interiors ideas in your head…..you don't really have the time to put everything together into a whole room. Time to go on the internet, search from site to site. Time to order things from here and there. That's if you remember what things are from where. It's kinda overwhelming!

Lydia Brewer Photography

Lydia Brewer Photography

It's okay! I've got you!

Those ideas you've saved? I love them! I want to help you put them together into a fantastic kid’s room design! And all the hunting and gathering of pieces of the room? My. Jam. Together we will create the hippest, most personalized, fun, stylish kid’s room around. You'll wish it was your room!

Hi, I'm Jen.

I'm a mama myself of two little guys who are growing up way too fast. I've stayed home with them for the last five years and before that I was a preschool teacher and administrator. My passion is kiddos! My entire education and work experience is about them!

This gives me a huge leg up on knowing not only how to create fantastic looking kids interiors, but ones that also work for you and the kids.

And my secret weapon to designing those fantastic kids interiors? Online interior design.

We work together when you have a minute. Shoot me an email when you're waiting in the pickup line at school. Check out the latest moodboard as you unwind watching Game of Thrones. We talk via email, Skype, etc. and get this baby done. You do you and I do your room.

And when you're done, you walk away with the tools you need to put your little one's room together. Whether that's a floor plan or a whole room design, you've got what you need. And you get to do it on your time.

When I'm not designing kids interiors I'm a mama, like I mentioned.

I love the crazy mile-a-minute life we live, but I crave quiet cuddly bedtime stories too! I rock out to music from Eddie Vedder's solo stuff to the Gorillaz. I also happen to know most of the lyrics to "The Wheels on the Bus". I'm a foodie when I can be, and insist on the best, organic, locally sourced food we can afford. But when we get down to brass tacks, comfort foods for me will always include Velveeta shells and cheese and Suzy Q's.

I have bits of my heart in Kansas City (where I grew up), Seattle (where I live now), and San Francisco (where I go to get away from it all). And lots of my heart in my sports teams.


So, where to next?

What it's like to work with me from those who have:

My daughter's bedroom was over-due for a make-over, but I really didn't have the time to go visit stores to get ideas, or to figure out what my budget should be. The design Jen created is flexible and can be easily updated as my daughter grows. Working with her on this project was a pleasure! --Angela W.

We worked with Jen to design our large living room which is the first room you enter in our home. We wanted it to make a good impression on our guests, while working for our day to day lives. I was struggling with how to decorate the space and what furniture would work best. She did a great job working with what we had, and recommending a few new pieces that fit our budget. I would definitely use Jen's services again for other rooms in our house, and would recommend her to others looking for a professional to work with on your home. She understands the needs of families and is realistic with her designs. --Kara M.