Get to know a little bit about me....but more importantly, what I can do for you!

There are a TON of interior decorators out there, and here's what's unique about me.

I am your go-to decorator for families. Stylish families. Families who believe that all the rooms in their homes should be comfortable for everyone and express the style and individuality of the members of the house. AKA: family-friendly rooms need not be fugly!

But let's be honest. It goes past just being family-friendly and stylish. It's important to you that we choose the best, most eco-friendly materials available. And when possible, support small businesses and the artisans who share their passions.


But, alas, you don’t. have. time. Who does? You work hard all week. And weekends? Time for relaxing. Or being outdoors. Or spending with family. Maybe even all three!

Regardless, using your time shopping store after store, comparing prices, organizing them into a cohesive room? Not your first priority.

Well guess what. These three things are MY JAM. My passion. My happy place. They are things that I can’t wait to help you with. And here’s how.

I’m here with Online Interior Design so that we can create your amazing space.

Together we'll create a room that is beautiful, cozy for everyone and celebrates the members of the family. We'll get on the same page with where the room's going. The feel and colors and vibe of your new space. Furniture layout? Not a problem. I'll share the best way to set up the furniture pieces you do have as well as the ones you're adding. You don't have time to be dragging sofas all over the place! Move confidently! And if you're adding items? I hook you up with the exact link where you can buy it when you get a second. All the components of your room at your finger tips when you're ready for it.

The great part about Online Interior Design is that once you provide me with some basic information about your room (photos of current room, budget, dimensions) I work a lot of magic on my end. Aside from a few emails back and forth, I won't take up any more of your time than I need to. You want your weekends back? Go! Enjoy that time off. You’ll love what you come back to.

I’m Jen, an online interior decorator, which means I can virtually be anywhere with you! I’m CDA certified in Interior Decor (read: certifiably an awesome decorator!) who specializes in working with you via e-mail, Skype and more to create your lovely, personalized spaces that you can buy and install when you have the time and energy.

When I’m not huddled over my computer creating amazing room designs for you, you can find me enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, two (very busy) boys and cat. Passions of mine include Kansas Jayhawk basketball, Johnny Cash, running and The Walking Dead. What can I say? I'm an eclectic gal!

Excited? I know, me too! In fact, I want to share even more! Here’s what the process looks like (and some examples of gorgeous rooms)

What it's like to work with me from those who have:

My daughter's bedroom was over-due for a make-over, but I really didn't have the time to go visit stores to get ideas, or to figure out what my budget should be. The design Jen created is flexible and can be easily updated as my daughter grows. Working with her on this project was a pleasure! --Angela W.

We worked with Jen to design our large living room which is the first room you enter in our home. We wanted it to make a good impression on our guests, while working for our day to day lives. I was struggling with how to decorate the space and what furniture would work best. She did a great job working with what we had, and recommending a few new pieces that fit our budget. I would definitely use Jen's services again for other rooms in our house, and would recommend her to others looking for a professional to work with on your home. She understands the needs of families and is realistic with her designs. --Kara M.

It was nice to meet you! Why not visit: