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Sometimes I just want to run stuff by someone. I've got questions!! And then that introvert piece rears its head again. The actual ASKING. Here's the great part about an online consultation…it's, you guessed it….online.

 No, it's not face to face in FaceTime or Skype (shudder). It's online via email! Because I know that when I DO talk to experts about my questions I feel better afterwards.

This is the same result without having to take like three deep breaths and possibly a nap before recovering.

You get to carefully construct your thoughts, hit "send" and walk away to do something else. Relax a little!

I'll read your email (you probably just need a little confirmation or maybe a point in the right direction!) and get back to you with answers customized for your family's situation.

a simple online consult has your name written all over it

Here's how it works:

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Step 1: You plop down your questions/dilemma in an email

  • No worries! I've got help if you need help figuring out what help you need!

  • I'll take a look at the scope of your project and see how much we can cover

    • Anything more than a topic or two and I'll point you to the whole room project where we can tackle that baby!

Step 2: We collaborate

  • Within two days I'll send you an overview of what I see your question being to make sure we're on the same page.

  • Your turn! If all engines are go; I'll send the invoice and we can finalize the finances

  • You go about life as usual for the week while I solve your design dilemma

Step 3: You celebrate (and tackle that project confidently)

  • In the end you wind up with a tips sheet listing your problem and the answer I have

    • It may include visuals such as general floor plans, color selection or shopping link as needed

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The Interiors Consult will be just the thing if:

  • You’re pretty sure you got this nailed and just want that extra reassurance

  • You want to do most of the hunting and designing, but getting that color palette nailed down is just a bit intimidating

  • You have a few questions here and there that you’d love to figure out

    But perhaps not if:

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Jamie says this about the interiors consult:

After the consult I was able to see more of the “big picture”. I’ve already made a few changes with good plans moving forward!
— Jamie A
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You’re ready to go! Tell me your thoughts here!

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