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You're really excited about your design project. But there's just this....hurdle. And it would be really great to get some help getting past it. you don’t need much; just a few pointers!

  • “I think these colors go together…..right?!?”

  • “Should the bed go here or over there?”

  • “Is it crazy to put this wallpaper in the room?” —Never. The answer is never.

    a simple interiors chat has your name written all over it

Here's how it works:

Step 1: decide how much support you want

You’ve got the option of a 30 or 60 minute online chat.

30 MINUTE “Interiors CHAT”

Just us two gals having a gab! A quick and casual chat where you take the notes and I help you brainstorm and edit your ideas.

What to expect:

  • No prep needed for this chat. Just bring yourself and we’ll talk for half an hour

  • You handle the note-taking and any follow-up action

60 MINUTE “bigger convo”

Let’s get real; life is crazy and your brain can only do so much. You focus on the creative, I’ll make sure you get the big ideas and action plans.

In this hour-long chat we’ll dive a little deeper, I’ll take the session notes, and I’ll even send you a follow up video for you to access in your own time.

What to expect:

  • You send me details ahead of time to get me up to speed so I can be caught up and ready to talk when we meet!

    • Hold that panic, I promise it’s an easy and fun questionnaire. Kind of like Buzzfeed!

  • We get one hour to dive a little deeper into your project!

  • You’ll get a recording of our chat so you can watch us chat over and over!

    • Because when do we get to finish an episode of anything?

  • You’ll also get a project plan and summary notes so you are clear on your next steps and any topics we discussed

Step 2: Schedule and pay for your chat instantly

You know what I hate? Waiting on hold and then playing the back and forth of: “The doctor can see you..” “No, that won’t work” “How about in three months?”. Gah!

You have things to do, places to be, groceries to buy!

Skip all that by choosing a session that works for you right now.

Interiors Chat cost:

online kids interiors mini room makeover

Step 3: Let’s talk! Friend to friend

At the time of your choice we’ll sit down and hash things out online. No pressure. No judging. Heck, you don’t even have to wear pants. I won’t know!

It’ll be just you, me and maybe a cup of joe. BYOC(offee). End result? Happy you with some quick answers to your quick questions. I’ll talk to you soon!

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The Interiors Chat will be just the thing if:

  • You’re pretty sure you got this nailed and just want that extra reassurance

  • You want to do most of the hunting and designing, but getting that color palette nailed down is just a bit intimidating

  • You have a few questions here and there that you’d love to figure out

    But perhaps not if:

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Jamie says this about the interiors chat:

After the chat I was able to see more of the “big picture”. I’ve already made a few changes with good plans moving forward!
— Jamie A
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Is an interiors chat for me?

Hopefully! You'll love the flexibility that the online aspect affords you. Just 30 minutes out of your schedule and you've got ideas for moving forward with your plans!

How long is the chat?

30 minutes, which can go pretty quickly! If you'd like more time, notes on our session and a replay, check out the Online Interiors Consultation.

How can I best prepare?

  • Create an account/explore Zoom a bit (it's the web app we'll use to chat). If you have trouble, let me know and we'll troubleshoot!
  • Jot down topics you'd like to cover so that you don't forget anything good!
  • Have note taking necessities; there won't be access to the chat later or follow up notes (both available with the Interiors Consultation package)
  • If you have physical samples of things you're working with (wallpaper, paint, etc.) have those handy as well as the name/color. I can google them and get on the same page quickly!
  • If you can, "screen share" websites as well, so if you have something you'd like to show me, have those open on your desktop!
  • If you're wondering about space planning, sketch out a quick floor plan for me. You can take me around virtually, but it's good to get a map to reference as well
  • Relax! You're going to feel so much better having answers to those design bothers!

Will there be any follow up?

Not necessarily. With this package it's a quick and easy 30 minute chat. We can talk for longer and with more detail the Online Interiors Consultation

What makes you different from other designers?

I've worked with kids my whole life. College degree, preschool teacher, parenthood. I understand kids. Rooms for tinies aren't something I "can" do. They're my passion. I'm not going to make a room families can't enjoy together. I shop thoughtfully using local vendors, artists and environmentally conscious products whenever possible. Families supporting their communities.

Next UP:

let’s have a quick chat

You’re ready to go! Book your time now!

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