Park Place Designs Resource Library

Welcome! You've found the secret stash of my best interior design tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Budgeting tools: stay organized and on top of your budget using these worksheets 

Furniture price comparisons: no idea how much a sofa will run you? Here are a couple of high end and low end prices for common furniture pieces. So you know if that budget of yours will work!

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Modern Bohemian: keys to the style and easy tips to use in your home.

Scandi style: keys to the style and easy tips to use in your home

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    Sales dates for furniture and decor: there are some random sales out there and you don't want to miss out on one! Here are dates and what goes on sale when.


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      Boho nursery: you love this laid back, earthy style. Here's how to apply it to your nursery

      Scandi nursery tips: create your own nest for tiny with these essential Scandi tips

      Unique nursery color palettes: think outside of the box with these non-pink and blue palette options. You've never followed the crowd, why start with your nursery?

      Eco-friendly nursery: my favorite list of eco-friendly nursery shopping sources. Paint, wallpaper, linens....grab yours here!

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      Guest room checklist: give your guests the whole experience with these important tips

      Sexy boho bath oasis: let's face it. Sometimes the only peace you'll get is on the other side of a locked door. Shouldn't that room be fantastic once you get there?

      Furniture clearances: use these measurements to make sure you're not putting your feet into the coffee table

      Bedding 101: learn all about different types of fabrics, pillows, covers and more. Snuggle up and enjoy

      Tabletop checklist for hosting: save your worries for whether or not Aunt Edna will sit next to Cousin Arthur. I've got your family dinner table covered with this checklist.