Online Interior Design Process--How It Works

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This whole interior design online's kind of new! So let's talk ins and outs of the online interior design process!

As a mama, I know…..there just isn’t enough time to go around! Besides keeping yourself going and healthy, you’ve got a family to support, too! And that family comes with schedules. Schedules that we as mamas manage. Getting this done here, meal on the table here, work with a client there…Oh! And squeeze in time for a date night, right?

It’s a lot!

And updating your home to one your family really loves being in? That just gets pushed down to the bottom of the pile. I know you’d love to update Susie’s room to a “big girl” room! But I also know you don't have the time to go visit stores and websites to get ideas. How can you get this interior design process jump started?

Interior design online.

I work while you do. And I have that work ready for you when you are. I know you can’t plan on the next free moment you have. That’s why working together online works so well! We’ll work through the interior design process together, on the hours that work for you, so that you have the tools to put together a fantastic room for Susie. Without taking up a bunch of your time.

Online Interior Design Process Step 1: Choose your level of support

Online Interior Design Process Step 2: Show and tell

Once you've chosen your package, agreed to the contract (It's in the checkout process. Let me know if you miss it and I'll send you another copy) and paid, we start our official work together.

I'll send you a "homework" packet for you to fill out and return to me. It's not really as scary as it sounds. Basically, I'll need as much information as I can possibly get to make the right design for your family.  This includes, but isn't limited to:

  • specific details and measurements of your space
  • information about the family, especially the little one the room's for
  • inspiration photos or items you'd like to include

Get that back to me and we're off to step 3

Online Interior Design Process Step 3: Design time

The best part about this for you? You just do you. Keep doing what your day to day requires of you (that's way more than enough, isn't it??) and I'll pop on to share ideas, ask questions and show you where we're at. All this is keeping in mind that this is around your schedule. I'll have information ready for you via email and you respond when you can. Keeping in mind that I can only work as fast as you can respond. We'll tweak the design until it's ready to hand over and next in the interior design process....

Online Interior Design Process Step 4: Delivery of our baby

Not our real baby, obviously, although you might just be delivering soon also! No, this is where I had over your finished project to you. You'll get everything in your package, whether that's a list of changes to make or a complete room set up. You have the tools you need to put that room together just like you imagined. 

All those goodies I just talked about in the packages? Here are some examples:

More questions about the online interior design process? Check out the FAQ page for even more great info!