Questions you might be asking yourself

Is online interior design right for me?

I hope so! I love the flexibility that the online aspect affords you. After you receive your package, it’s up to you when and where you purchase your items. Getting that bonus in a month? No problem. Buy when it’s right for you.

I also realize it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a super hands-on designer who brings over swatches and installs your rooms for you while you’re away for the weekend, it’s not for you. This is a very independent process.

How long does it take to get my complete room package delivered?

2 weeks (or less). It depends on how many projects I’m currently crafting. I am also a stay-at-home mama, and this restricts my monthly project limit to four projects in a month. Check with me to see what the waiting list looks like

Are you available to help me out after I receive my package?

It depends. If you opt for the Royal Treatment, you have access to me for a month after the project wraps. We can talk out-of-stock items, different colors, what else you need. Otherwise it’s up to you to find alternatives for items specified.

Will I be able to use furniture or decor that I already have? 

Of course! One of the things I am absolutely passionate about is incorporating things that are important to you and your family. I want you represented in your design. Revolutionary, isn’t it? Let’s celebrate those that mean most to you. Your comfort items. Plus, if you want a room that looks straight out of a catalog, you don’t need me to help. That’s what catalogs are made for!

I'm worried that any new furniture I purchase won’t stand up to the everyday life of my family. Can you help?

Yep! Completely on the same page. I have two uber-active little guys and a cat. And I still want stylish things! I understand and can help choose pieces that are tough when they need to be, soft when they need to be and easy to clean

I'm not entirely thrilled with the end product. Can I get a refund?

Once we’ve started exchanging mood boards and ideas, no. There are no refunds. We work closely together during the "getting to know you" and "inspiration" stages. Nothing new will be sprung on you when the Mood Board is presented. Since you cannot “un-see” the plans we work on together, payment is up-front and final

What if I don't have a huge budget?

You know what? I get family life. We're NOT all rolling in dough. But it WILL work. We will work together to make what you have work. One of the great things about edesign is that you can take your shopping list and buy what you can when you can. If that means holding off to buy that sofa next year? Do what works.

What makes you different from other designers?

Just like you, I’m a unique character. I like to walk to the beat of my own drum. I believe each room should have some “soul” or history to it. I am currently sitting on a sofa that is older than me and that my mom snuggled me in. And I love it.

It’s also important to me to support artists whenever possible. They pour their heart and soul into their work. Imagine how much it will add to your space. And they deserve full credit for their work. I buy straight from them when I can.

Lastly, I want your home to reflect the world we live in. I don’t feel any room is complete without a little greenery or reminder of the great outdoors. In the same vein, I want your home to be safe for you and your loved ones to the core. Whenever possible, I look for eco-friendly, sustainable purchases for your home. Healthy families are happy families!

Before turning to design, I worked in the Early Childhood Field for 14 years and am now a mama. I’ve got two young boys. Believe me, I know the tornado these kiddos can carve through a room. Because of these qualifications, I’m especially aware of how to make stylish, comfortable rooms that the whole family can enjoy without causing ulcers.

Excited? Let's go shopping!