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you want christmas to be about your family. you want to celebrate in a simpler, genuine way.

here’s a guide that will make this christmas feel uniquely you and end up less hectic for the whole fam. With a side of small business and artisan support thrown in on the side.

be unique! have a boho style or scandinavian christmas

From the simplicity and quality of Scandi design to the wanderlust and freedom of bold boho. Leave “the norm” behind and show your true stripes with some fantastic Christmas decor. Here’s how.

shortest day of the year? have a winter solstice celebration

Anyone can have a Christmas party. You’re going to have a Winter Solstice celebration! Because longer days, please? Am I right? Here’s all you need from decor to kids’ activities to food. Hurrah!

how to decorate for christmas and include your kids

There has to be a middle ground between precious ceramic angels and throwing all the decor YOU like out for kiddie crazy kind, right? Yup! There is! Here’s a way to have a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone in your family.

christmas gift ideas for kids that’ll make you a hero

Maybe you’re unsure what to get your college bestie’s little boy (he’s how old again??) or perhaps you’d just like to give a little nudge nudge to your mother in-law to avoid more toys that don’t survive Christmas Day.

Either way, you don’t have time to think about it too hard. And you don’t have to! Here are some great gift options that they’ll love, that their parents will love that they have, and that make you look like the child whisperer genius that you are. Satisfaction guaranteed!

5 survival tips for dinner at the kids’ table

Picture a family dinner with all the fixin’s. A roast, mashed potatoes, laughs..….and kids interrupting your warm (and not cooked by you!) dinner every two seconds. NO! Not for you! Use these tips so that THEY enjoy their dinner (and allow you to, too)