Decorating for Christmas doesn't have to be hard!

Do you really want to hunt down last year's Christmas decor, pull it all out, figure out which bulbs are working, which aren't, pile into the car, drive to the (busy) store to find replacements.....?

Or maybe you just need to add a few extra standout pieces to what you already have. But, again, that trip to the store. There are places that you'd much rather be.

I've. Got. You.

Pick up your free copy of the "Christmas in a Box" decor guide and you'll have:


A clickable shopping list with links to my personal favorite Christmas decor in three styles: boho, Scandi and a little quirky

Each style has decor for

  • Christmas tree: topper, all sorts of fun ornaments (including ones the kiddos can be in charge of!), lights and tree skirt. Just. Add. Tree.

  • Mantel: garland, decor, stocking and stocking holder

  • Gift wrap: wrapping paper, trim, tags and cards

boho style scandinavian christmas decor online interior design
boho style scandinavian christmas decor online interior design

Last, but not least, a handy guide giving you the ins and outs of

  • How many strings of lights to use,

  • How many ornaments for how big your tree is

  • How to style your own mantel. Get it right every time with these easy design tips