Make your project budget one less thing to stress about

Oh, Math. We're not really buddies, you and I, are we? So I'm always looking for ways to make things easier to accomplish without trying to flash back to Algebra II (shudder). I put together these tools to make interior budgeting a snap. Heck, they'd make any kind of budgeting a snap!

Here's how this works. There's a tab or sheet for several different rooms you may want to work on, plus a blank one. I added in some furniture you'd typically find in each room in case you're thinking of using them. There's room to add or change at the bottom.

Save yourself time, feel confident about the math, and have everything organized in one place! Go!


Excel budgeting tool

Super easy. For example, plunk in the info for your sofa in the living room on one line, an armchair in the next and Excel takes it from there! I've got it set up to automatically tally everything for you. If you're feeling extra brave and comfortable with Excel you can go beyond that with your math. You can even add in a link to the product if you're feeling fancy! 

Download here!

PDF budgeting tools

Sometimes nothing will do but some good ol' pencil and paper. No problem! Here's a chance to download blank forms just like the ones above and fill in the details yourself.

Choose (or grab one of each!):



I'm going to throw in a couple more handy tools to use when you're planning your interior project.

  • Furniture price comparisons. Get an idea of the range common pieces of furniture cost

  • Sales days! A quick look at the year and when different interiors goodies go on sale. Be on top of seasonal sales with your shopping shoes on!