Why I'm a Kids Room Decorator (and Perfect for Your Family)

kids room decorator jen pollard

I'm a kids room decorator and recently, I was challenged to have some introspective moments. To skip all that surface crap and to really dig into WHY I do what I do. Where my passion comes from. And, if you know me, you know I am a passionate lady! So the thoughts came fast and furious. Because I AM passionate about interior decor. And I AM passionate about families like yours. I want to share that with you. Why I am a fantastic kids room decorator.

I'm a kids room decorator for families.

I’m tired of seeing rooms that are beautiful but completely non-functional for a family. Family-friendly doesn't have to mean all slipcovers or plastic with protective corners on everything. There is a stylish middle ground!

I'm a kids room decorator who uses online decorating.

You are busy. You have a budget. You deserve to have input and participation in your rooms. The feeling of pulling something together on your own. You deserve design! Living, breathing, affordable design. Also, lots of our lives are online. This type of design fits into your lives. It’s convenient for you when you're available. Not everyone has time to be home during the week to meet with an in person designer. Online Interior Design is perfect for this.

I'm a kids room decorator who is crazy about nurseries.

They represent beginnings. All the hopes and dreams you have while that little one is growing. These rooms are your manifestations of those hopes and dreams. You make their nest as perfect as you can for them when they arrive. And don't forget you! YOU spend those late nights rocking and feeding the little one. You want to feel comfortable and enjoy the aesthetics of your room.

I'm a kids room decorator who has an absolute blast with kids rooms.

I hate themes and primary color palettes. See above, child-friendly AND stylish! It happens! I hate talking down to kids; why should their rooms be overly childish either? And, as the children themselves are a part of your family, so should their rooms be a part of your home. A cohesive part. A welcoming part. A stylish part.

I'm a kids room decorator for the teens and tweens in your life.

Let's face it. They're not as old as they think they'd like to be. But they're no babies either! I've got designs that make the whole home happy. Rooms that are fun, functional (hello, homework nook!) and stylish. You may not agree on much, but you'll agree that you love this room!

Let's work together

Life's busy. And hard. And none of us really get around to all the projects we'd like. Sure, it would be great to update that room for Anna but where do you squeeze that in between work and dinner and groceries and....life??

Enough. Let me help. You bring the ideas you've got (yes, YOU, Pinterest pins) and I bring mine. Together we'll turn them into a real room for your family. One that is personalized just for you, comfortable, functional and stylish too. Without taking up tons of your time.

To get you started, look at some of the nurseries, big kids and teen rooms I've designed with people like you, people like us, in mind. Comfortable, stylish rooms for kids.

kids room decorator jen pollard

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