Holiday Decor. More Than Just Fun. It's Essential.


Last year, right around this time, I have to say....I was struggling. I was just not into the Christmas season and couldn't muster the energy to partake in the usual festivities. For those of you who don't know me well, this is DEFINITELY not me. I'm a big kid when it comes to the holidays!

Honestly though? This time? I just didn't see the point of getting ALL the decorations out, putting up the tree, going through all the ins and outs of decorating. Luckily for me, my husband led the charge and we did indeed deck the halls.

And I was so grateful for the kick in the pants. Because here's what I realized. Here's why decor of any kind (but especially holiday decor) is so important for families.

Why holiday decor is important: It celebrates family, friends, loved ones, and special events


You know this as well as I do. Life can get......boring. And a bit monotonous. BUT when you've got something to look forward to...a twist in the puts a renewed spring in your step. And that's what holidays are. A time to do something a little different. A little fancy. Throw in the fact that you're having this refreshing pause with friends and/or family? Even better! Share the joy! And decor is sort of the exclamation point on the festivities. The visual cue that something special is imminent.

Why holiday decor is important: It encourages story telling, reminiscing, new stories for younger generations

You will not find this surprising, but I have many ornaments, decor, books from my childhood Christmases. And it warms me every year when I take out these treasures. It reminds me of happy times and allows me to share these memories with my little guys.

Also, my husband, who grew up in the U.K., has some very different traditions. It's so interesting to compare and contrast. Connecting on that different level is part of what makes the season so wonderful.

Why holiday decor is important: It creates memories and traditions for the future


It also true that our family is forward looking. We love to celebrate friends, family, loved ones with stories of the past, but we make our own traditions as well!

It pains me a bit to admit this, but we have a 6' tall Darth Vader inflatable at Christmas time. It is definitely not something I would have chosen and I cringe a bit from time to time (THIS is how a designer decorates?!?). But it makes my little guys so so happy. They look forward each night to it inflating and coming to life. Is Darth Vader a quintessential part of Christmas to many? Most likely not. But it is to us. It is a very Pollard Christmas.

Why holiday decor is important: It allows you to give back to the community, to build good feelings


Here's a great example of how Christmas for me has changed over the years. When we were younger, my husband and I lived in a little condo near downtown Seattle. There wasn't much community, really, in our condo unit. We didn't meet the neighbor downstairs until several years after we'd moved in! We thought nothing of putting icicle lights on the balcony facing us so that we could enjoy them. Why not?

Now we've moved to just outside Seattle. Into a little 'burb. And we've realized how important it is to participate in community. To get to know each other. It's with a different approach that we decorate our home with lights now. We enjoy them, sure. But it's the joy that others get from it as well. There are streets that turns into blocks that turn into neighborhoods out here that join together to decorate their homes. And then they collect goods for a food bank for those who enjoy driving by to see them. THIS is what decorating means to our community. Giving back to each other and helping those who need it.

Well I don't know about you, but just typing/talking about this has put ME in the spirit. Plus, it's officially past Thanksgiving as I write this, so I feel completely justified in pulling out all our Christmas gear. So, tell me.....what are your family traditions? Do you go all out Griswold-style with your decor? Or are you a more Charlie-Brown-simplicity-is-best type? I want to hear! Share the love! Tell me below and enjoy what others have to say too.