What Is Online Interior Design?


What is Online Interior Design?

Online Interior Design (also known as "eDesign") is a fairly new term. There are lots of similarities with the more "traditional" interior design you might think of. But online interior design affords you a new way to decorate your home that fits your busy, modern lifestyle.  Let's break it down step by step.

Online Interior Design Step 1: Let's chat!

We'll schedule a free, no-pressure, 30 minute call to chat. You can let me in on what you're hoping for, where you're getting stuck, all that good stuff. And, kind of like a date, we can see if we might be a good working fit!

Online Interior Design Step 2: Tell me all about it

You'll get a "homework" packet with information crucial to our project. Think of a grown up version of show and tell.

  • Tell me all about your space (room measurements, photos of the room as-is).

  • I ask questions to clarify and you share some more.

  • Show me those Pinterest boards you've been curating.

  • Tell me about stores you love to shop and magazines you drool over.

  • Tell me your ultimate comfort items, smells that instantly relax you, art that you just have to have.

These are all things that go into the creation of your room.

Online Interior Design Step 3: Here's where we're going...

As the project starts to take shape, you'll get an early peek at the direction your room's heading in.

  • If things need tweaks or aren't what you envisioned, that gets fixed here and now.

  • The best projects are transparent ones where each person is able to be honest about what's working and what isn't.

This isn't about surprises; it's about your child's room being exactly what it needs to be.

Online Interior Design Step 3: You shop!

You receive your design package with all the tools you'll need to create the dream room you've envisioned for your kiddo.

  • Click on your project shopping list,

  • Order your goodies

  • Wait for them to arrive at your doorstep.

Voila! The pieces of your one-of-a-kind, thoughtfully created room are at your disposal.

Online Interior Design Step 4: One more thing...

We get the band together one last time to go over any questions you have putting that room together.

  • Things didn't turn out exactly as you'd thought? We can make up to two changes in your design.

  • Don't worry. We stay in touch during the project, and this is very unlikely to happen.

You'll know exactly what you're getting; this will just be the whole picture in one glorious place.

Online Interior Design Step 5: The reveal

Invite your kiddo into their new room! Your heart will melt when you see how much this new room touches them. A room that is just as unique as your little one.