Use Bedroom Design To Escape It All

Better bedroom design

Life is crazy. I mean, there's crazy-good (hard work earns you a bonus, yay!) and there's everyday crazy (Suzy to math club, Billy to practice, Sparky to the vet) and then there's the world today. I don't really need to list examples; I'm pretty sure we're on the same page. And sometimes it feels impossible to get away from. 

This blog isn't meant to get you down! It's just what we're up against! I want to put it out there. To give it less power by naming it. And from there? I want to give you tools to combat this energy. I want you to have a bedroom designed to soothe your soul. Because we're going to need that to keep this crazy life of ours going.

bedroom design blog online kids interiors Photo by Vladislav Muslakov

We are in need of a bedroom designed for:


End of. Is it possible to even remember what it's like sleeping in? The last weekend I had to myself I still woke up at 7, unable to get back to sleep.

And it's not like we go to bed early. No, we try to squeeze in just one more episode of Game of Thrones this is where Joffrey.... and then we look up and it's 11:15.

Because really? It's the time where we get to be completely us. We are free of obligations. And who doesn't want more of that? Even at the expense of sleep/recharging/sanity. So we have to make that sleep time count!

A retreat from the world

Think of it like this. It's an entire room where you can (for a time) shut and lock the metaphorical door. Leave the dishes, and the car troubles and the current political climate (!!!) on the other side and give yourself space to recharge. Mentally and physically. At least for a little while.

A place for intimacy

Whether you share your bedroom with your partner or are on your own, you deserve a place where you can put just your. things. Your special I can't believe I spent this much on a little bottle of hand cream but it's oh so nice lotion. The photo of you and your mom on a beach smiling into the wind. The little things that to you mean a lot. This entire room should be a place of comfort and intimacy for you. (If you want more on getting a little more va-va-va-voom into your room, I wrote a blog on that here)

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Yes! Great! I want this! Um, how do I come up with this better bedroom design? 

Better bedroom design: Color palette

I'm going to make a statement here. Bedrooms are not places for bright, punchy colors. LOTS of places are perfect for a big ol' dose of color. But the bedroom? Ain't one of them. 

Start with a color you love and take it down like forty notches. Green is your go-to? Lovely. Slow that down to a muted, light sage. And add in lots of creams.

bedroom design blog online kids interiors Photo by HS Lee

Speaking of neutrals.....consider them here. You can always add in throw pillows of a color you love or a picture on the wall. But you can't as easily take the color off the wall. Just consider it.

Because ultimately the bedroom shouldn't be a "rev up your engine" type of place. Well, there's a time and a place for that. But most of the time, it should be a chill and relax type place. And surrounding yourself with soothing colors will help with that.

*An exception to this is the fantastic hygge that Scandinavians incorporate into their bedrooms, but that is a whole other blog to tackle.

Better bedroom design: Bedding

There are lots of specifics about thread counts and different fabrics. I've got a handy bedding cheat sheet below with all the details. But to generalize: invest in texture over pattern. Simple over busy. And above all washable. I mean, c'mon. A dry cleaning only duvet cover? Isn't going to get used at my home with any regularity. Less stress! Not more!

bedroom design blog online kids interiors Photo by Felipe P Lima Rizo

Better bedroom design: Window treatments

I'm not going to get all technical and designer-y here. There are curtain rod lengths. And there are puddling/non-puddling debates. But really? It boils down to this: light. filtering. You need to be able to shut out the light. Will your kiddos wake you up at the crack of dawn anyway? Probably. But on the rare occasion that they don't.....enjoy.

bedroom design blog online kids interiors Photo by Petter Rudwall

Just like with bedding, go with a good nubby texture over a busy pattern. And make them washable while you're at it. The dust. Shudder.

One more thing is to layer. The typical light-filtering curtain usually happens to be a boring solid color. But you can get the same effect with a set of super light gauzy curtains and a set of blinds underneath. Plus it gives your more mix and match lighting options between just open/closed. 

Better bedroom design: Lighting

The overhead light. Flat out don't use it. I guess when it's the darkest day in December and you need to get into the back of your closet, yeah. But on the whole, ban it. Table lamps for the win. And sconces. Heck, throw in some fairy lights for some atmosphere. Just stay away from a light that makes you instinctively squint your eyes. That's not relaxing.

Better bedroom design: Organization and storage

Before I lose you here, give me a chance. Yes. There are ways to be uber organized and have your closet look pristine. But that in itself is a project. And sometimes you don't have time for projects. In bedrooms, the key is out of sight, out of stressed-out mind. This can look great at the same time! Think nightstands with drawers, and baskets, and end of bed trunks. 

Believe me. I am not a ray of sunshine blowing rainbows up your butt. I know what things can be like! It's so easy to get caught up in the shoulda woulda couldas in life that we just get worn down. The key is to have a room that can restore you. And good bedroom design will absolutely get you that room. So go for it! You're totally worth it.

p.s. if you ARE interested in tackling an organizing project (anywhere in your home), give me a shout; we're planning a support group approach to organizing later this year. I'd love for you to join us.