Fun, Unique Wall Decor. Think Beyond The Frame.


I see you over there. You've got a pretty nice gallery wall going. You rotate out your family photos and the kids' art regularly. Perhaps you've even got a photo ledge! All these things that make displaying mementos easy.....but you wonder what else is out there. You think to yourself, "Hmmmm. What's missing? How can I have walls that are more unique?". I get it! And for you, I've got some unique and fun wall decor that will take your look beyond the boring old frame.

Shallow baskets

Oh, there are so many things to love about baskets. Lovely, handmade baskets from small business owners, right? They're definitely out there! And most of all, they add instant texture and dimension to your wall. And THAT is never a bad idea.

As I mentioned, there are tons of baskets available. But for inspiration for great, organic positioning I visit the Instagram feed of Alicia Baskel/The Dancing Tapestry. Her Instagram feed makes me drool daily. She's also got more than baskets on the brain!


This is not your grandmother's needlepoint work. Although that could be really cool and representative of your family. BUT! If you do not have this, you can still have handcrafted, beautiful, often funny/smart artwork on your walls. Needlepoint is having a comeback and here are some of my favorite artists: Sarah K. Benning, Boho Gypsy Child

  "Imaginary Interior"  by  Sarah K. Benning . And yeah, almost all her work is sold out, so grab them if you can!

"Imaginary Interior" by Sarah K. Benning. And yeah, almost all her work is sold out, so grab them if you can!

Wallpaper/wrapping paper framed.

Wallpaper in itself is not new. But it's certainly making a comeback in a big way. And when I say "big" I mean bigger, bolder, look at me prints. And that can be a lot to commit to! An easy way to still incorporate the fantabulous prints out there is to get a swatch of your favorite and frame it. Granted, the bigger the print, the larger your frame will have to be. Ginormous peonies in a puny frame is a no-go. But it can be a great look! Psst....also try this with wrapping papers you love. I have! Go-to-resources: Hygge and West, Rifle Paper Co.

  "Rosa Floral in Peach"  by  Rifle Paper Co . Pssst! This is actually a swatch of fabric, which is a great option too!

"Rosa Floral in Peach" by Rifle Paper Co. Pssst! This is actually a swatch of fabric, which is a great option too!

Weavings and macrame

Remember back at shallow baskets when we talked about depth, dimension and texture on your walls? You've got them in spades here, too. 

Like needlepoint, macrame is no longer a craft of the past. It's very now and is so homey. Speaking of craft, there are some really really lovely weavings I'm seeing. Color, texture, pattern. Yes! Bonus points for weaving your own. 

Personalized family mementos

Now let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater (wha???). Erm, let's revisit family memories. Because there are some really clever twists that aren't the group family "let's all wear denim button downs" photo.

Silhouettes. Silhouettes, of course, are not new. They've been around for ages. And that, my friend, is for a reason. They're classic. And graphic. And capture a moment in time where a kiddo was (theoretically) sitting still and behaving themselves. And THAT is worth celebrating, no? There are places, like Minted, where you can send in a picture and they will personalize a silhouette just for you. 

Out of this world family art. On the topic of personalized art this is just insane. You send in a picture of your family and Brittani Rose sends you back a handcrafted, three-dimensional representation. I'm just dying to get one of these. Again, providing my entire family can sit still for a photo. But you have to see the examples of her work. She's. A. Genius.

 Please PLEASE  click on this couple , because you just can't see the dimension and detail this far away.  Brittani Rose  is just amazing.

Please PLEASE click on this couple, because you just can't see the dimension and detail this far away. Brittani Rose is just amazing.

Well, I don't know about you but I'm ready to tackle that wall in my living room with renewed vigor. And fresh ideas. And I can't wait to peruse some of the shops listed above; I ALWAYS find something great. It's just a matter of narrowing those things down...

Hey, if you liked these ideas and vendors, I've got a lot more where these came from. I have a list of my favorite indie shops, specifically for nurseries and I want to share them! This list is part of a four email nursery kit series (so, yeah, you get three other days of absolute goodness when you sign up!). Excited? I thought you might be. Grab a copy of your series here: