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Color Crush: Seafoam Green

I know, I know, seafoam green? Jen, have you lost your mind? Have faith, this is not the Golden Girls seafoam green of the 80s!

This is a refreshing, soothing, perfect-for-the-beach-and-beyond hue that is meant for long lazy days of summer. Pull up your lounge chair, pour yourself a tasty beverage and let me show you what I mean.

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Not Your Mother's Wallpaper. Modern Wallpaper Choices That "Wow"

Have you seen the wallpapers available recently? No, I'm not talking the flower-bedecked dusty mauve Laura Ashley wallpapers your mom may or may not have covering your entire house. (Nothing against Laura Ashley, of course, but if you're a fan, you're probably looking for a different blog….anywho!)

Modern wallpapers are bold, beautiful and unique! They take a room and make it say, "Look at me! How could you have possibly considered this room finished without me?!?"

Let me show you a few examples of my very favorites.

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