Suffering From TMPS? (Too Much Pinspiration Syndrome?)


I was a failure.

Despite everything I'd learned, everything I'd practiced, everything I tried, I was failing. I was a brand new designer, and I was sure that I could do every style for every person no matter what. But you know what? My heart was not in all my designs, and it showed.

I lacked confidence in my taste. Nothing looked "right". Instead of injecting my own personal style - the thing people love to hire me for now! - I was mimicking what I thought was "right" so I could make EVERYONE ELSE happy. Instead of feeling like interior design gold, things turned out kind of bland, and that made me feel like a failure. I call this Too Much Pinspiration Syndrome - TMPS.

Sound familiar? Let me show you to look beyond all the eye-catching Pinterest pins and really discover how to make your room "you".

I had just finished design school. My mind was brimming with Eames chairs and roman shades. There were so many beautiful pieces of furniture, styles of artwork, types of rug available! I wanted to put them all in! To make a truly beautiful room! The catch, though, is that just like you can't please everyone, you also can't have every stylish thing in your space. They don't all play nicely with each other. Just because everyone and their mother is in love with shiplap (don't get me started on shiplap) doesn't mean you need it in your living room.

Are you suffering from TMPS? Here's how to start your recovery. Gather your images, textiles, whatever speaks to you. Put them all together and ask yourself what about this inspires you. Is it the feel of the sheepskin? Or the drama of a black and white palette? And be true to yourself. Don't say, "because it looks pretty". Really dig into what it says to you. Not every image will speak to you - even if it's a favorite. If you don't love it? Throw it out! This is discovering YOU!

Now, write these observations down. You will start to see a pattern, even if the pattern does not currently make sense to you. For me? I discovered I loved the colors of modern bohemian rooms AND the minimalism of a Scandinavian room. How on earth does that work together? Patience, reader friend, just keep going.

Got your list of passions written down? Good. Find your patterns. If it occurs more than once in your list, it's a pattern. Once that list is honed down to your patterns, you are nearly there.

Next, make a statement. "I love A and B". Does it need to make sense to anyone else? No. This is just for you. It doesn't matter if this is a Pinterest worthy room. What matters is that you love everything in your room. If you don't already, this culling down process will give you a good idea of where you will go next.

Believe it or not, it can be as simple as that. You can make your room a fabulous room that celebrates you, your family, your pets….anyone who shares your space with you. And it will be uniquely you. It will be "right". It will be "home" - a home free of the horrors of bland copycat design and full of bold and beautiful choices you truly love. You'll feel FREE of the tyranny and failure of TMPS.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Don't be. I am here to help you with this process. Let's work together to personalize and perfect your space. Go here to find out how my process can work for you.

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