Stand Out With These Unique Hostess Gifts That Say "Thanks"

The holiday season is HERE and before you know it those party invitations will come rolling in. And they all insist, "Only bring yourselves!" but you don't want to show up empty handed! Flowers, wine.....that's fine. But you want more than "fine"!  And with these tips, you can stand head and shoulders above the rest with unique gifts that will say "thanks". Let me show you how!

Unique hostess gift: things that look amazing

This one is a little tricky, because you may or may not have an idea of your host's interior decorating style. You don't want to show up with a rustic bowl only to notice the entire house is decked out in measured modern style! Stay neutral in color and small in size when in doubt. Great ideas to bring your host that look amazing include: small trinkets, ornamental boxes or trays, kitchen gadgets with a unique twist (think beautiful items that can be used but are also beautiful for display). Here are a couple of ideas.

Unique hostess gift: things that smell amazing

The range on these gifts is huge. Candles, mulling spices, reed diffusers, hand soaps, lotions and more. Again, when in doubt stay with light scents. Vanilla is a classic choice, or try a holiday scent that can be "oohed" and "ahhed" over all season. 

Unique hostess gift: things that taste amazing

Mmmm. I'm getting hungry just thinking of this one. Ideally, you could bring your hostess something that she could easily add to the spread she's prepared. But if you don't know ahead of time what that is, bring something that they can enjoy later. Hot cocoa mixes, special seasonings, chocolates, the list goes on and on. This can be especially fun with foodie friends who you can go crazy with (pink sea salt, anyone?). It's also nice to bring something that speaks either to your home or their home. An uncle once brought Free State Brewery beer to our get-together and it was so special to share this epic University of Kansas staple with family.

Unique hostess gift: things that feel amazing

The key to gifts that feel amazing is quality over quantity. No need to go crazy and bring entire bedding sets. They might think you're moving in! But a pair of really warm, wonderfully cozy mittens made with quality materials will be much appreciated! It's also a fun way to make the utilitarian a little extra special. We all wear socks, but have you had the pleasure of wearing wool socks? You'll never go back!

Unique hostess gift: things that sound amazing

Last, but not least, never underestimate the impact a musical gift can have. Music adds that extra feeling of intimacy to parties and meals alike. Why not contribute by adding a new CD (or vinyl!) to your hosts' collection? Low-key, classical music is always a great choice. Also, at this time of year, there are fun seasonal compilations available. Old-fashioned, retro classics will be a hit with all ages.

Now that your senses have been piqued, you are well on your way to wowing your host with a unique gift that really thanks them for opening their home to you. All of the ideas listed work well for hosts that you may not know well; but earn major bonus points when you personalize gifts for your closest. Remember that New Kids on the Block concert you went to with your bestie when you were 10? Just think of how fun it would be to bring along a copy of their Christmas album and sing along at top volume, much to everyone else's entertainment.

What are your go-to unique hostess gifts? Which of the ideas above will you use this year? Leave a comment below!