How to Have Sporty Kids Bedrooms That Hit It Out of the Park

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So you’ve got a sports crazy kiddo? That’s pretty fantastic. I have the best memories of sporting events with my family when I was little. Even when we didn’t necessarily see eye to eye on much else, we still rooted for the Royals.

But the sports décor out there? It’s a bit much. Don’t get me wrong. There are some who would love to fall asleep with the Yankees insignia emblazoned on the inside of their eyelids from the sheer loudness of their five-piece-bedding kit. But I doubt you’re one of them.

Relax. There are totally ways to have a special sporty room for your special sport. And what’s more, there are ways to make kids bedrooms you’ll love just as much as they will. No need to hurry to close the door to their room when company visits. You'll be happy to show off this room. Extra bonus: use these tips and if lacrosse falls out of favor down the road it’ll just take a few tweaks to completely change the room. No overhaul needed.

Here are great kids bedrooms tips that just so happen to be sporty rather than SPORTY .

Sporty kids bedrooms: where to start

On your marks. Get set. Find an inspiration piece!

I'm *digging* this color scheme!

I'm *digging* this color scheme!

For sports themed kids bedrooms I suggest something large like a poster or framed jersey or something. You want it to be obvious that it’s a Lakers room rather than randomly purple and gold. Just stay away from the bedding if you can. A throw is fine but keep it fairly low key since you’ll see it every. day.

Here's your starting lineup:

Using your inspiration piece, choose a neutral as your foundation. You'll want to stay calm on the walls. You’ve got a lot going on elsewhere. and you need to let the eye haved a chance to “rest” and avoid color/sensory overload.

Use the other colors of your inspiration as accents. Don’t stick too closely to the exact color scheme though; it will look too one-dimensional. Use friends and cousins of your accent colors for interest and depth.

Consider using the complement of one of the colors. For example, if you're using blue and yellow for the Warriors throw in an orange to compliment the blue or a purple for the yellow.

Sporty kids bedrooms: have some fun!

Throw a curveball: find fun ways to make the sport abstract or referenced rather than bashing everyone over the head with a baseball theme.

For example, a green and white striped rug can elude to a football field. A black and white checkerboard pattern can mimic a soccer ball. Silhouettes are another great way to represent the sport. Bonus points if it's a silhouette of your child!

Tennis court or fantastic rug? I'll never tell ;)

Tennis court or fantastic rug? I'll never tell ;)

Find fun places to use the sport without it being too permanent

The fun's in the accessories! You can go a little out there for sporty kids bedrooms with items that aren't going to be around forever. Garbage cans, wall art, throw pillows, these are all great ways to bring in specific teams, team colors, other items that could be way too much if used on the whole room.

Display special memorabilia

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This is the most intimate part of the room for your child. Find a place to showcase their special pieces and memories.

Trophy shelves are great for corralling, well, trophies, but also bobbleheads or foul balls you've snagged. Get creative with what you use as a shelf, as well. I've seen some great skateboard shelves!

Bonus: in kids bedrooms a shelf is super easy to switch out when new treasures are acquired. 

Cork boards work wonderfully for wallpaper clippings, tickets, posters, etc. I fully plan on putting in an entire corkboard wall for my boys someday. I remember feeling like I best expressed myself as a teen by what I chose to put on my walls. Let your kiddos will feel the same way.

I'm seeing more and more kids bedrooms with displays for clothing used as wall art. Hooks and pegs can hold hats, jerseys, sports equipment, you name it. Plus they'll know where their gear is when they need it!

How sweet would these look displayed on the wall?

How sweet would these look displayed on the wall?

Have fun with textures

This one is a little out there, but have fun. These are kids bedrooms!

Incorporate textures like “faux grass” or orange and bumpy for a basketball. You've also got fuzzy tennis ball options, pompoms, you name it! Small rugs are great for this.

Don't forget woods! They're not so much of a tactile texture as a visual one. Think of what woods are used in the sport and give a nod to them. Baseball bats are made of pine. Outdoorsy, beachy types love their driftwood. Gorgeous warm woods are lovelingly waxed for surf boards. 

Personalize the bedroom

Put your kiddo in the décor! Like I mentioned above, use a silhouette of them. Or blow up a baseball card from little league into a poster. How cute would it be to get a bobblehead with their likeness? At least then they'd agree to something! Frame a jersey of theirs or if they don't have one yet, order one with their name and a favorite number. Make it obvious that they're the all-star of this room!

Sporty kids bedrooms: celebrate your victory!

Congratulations; you've done it! You've created a room for your kiddo that is sporty, stylish and most of all, specialized for your sports fan. Nice job, ace!

This blog is sports-leaning, but this can easily apply to any other “theme” rooms. Harry Potter, circus, woodland name it! Same process!

Here's an example of a kids bedroom I put together for a Warrior fan. I had so much fun!

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