Seriously Simple Spring Decorating Ideas You Should Totally Use

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Let me set the scene for you. It's Seattle and the sun has (deep breath) made an appearance. Now, it's not spring. Spring is in fact several weeks away. If we're lucky! But we've had three days in a row here of sun and the entire Seattle population gets a little giddy. Forget the fact that there was frost on the cars this morning. My daffodils are popping their heads up and I am more than happy to see them!

The sun gets some biological process going where we just start unpacking from the winter. The sun streams through windows and we see how grimy they are. We see the cobwebs that have accumulated without much notice. We look at our winter outside gear with a, "Aw, mom, do I have to?" feel. So let's get going! Follow that urge and freshen up your home! You'll feel lighter, your home will be fresher, you'll be looking forward. Because I've got seriously simple spring decorating ideas and you'll want to hear them!

Spring decorating ideas: front door

This spring decorating idea is for your guests as well as you. Because you're a hospitable type!  Now keep in mind I'm not one to say that your entire home needs to "match" with colors. But for this article, I'm going to keep a spring palette throughout our spring decorating ideas. Let's say a terra cotta color, sage green and sky blue. All of those are super warm, happy and speak of hopeful times to come. 

spring decorating ideas blog color palette


Minimalist eucalyptus wreath:  PureJadeDesigns  (currently sold out but will make custom wreaths) Spring natural doormat:  Anthropologie

Minimalist eucalyptus wreath: PureJadeDesigns (currently sold out but will make custom wreaths) Spring natural doormat: Anthropologie

That heavy winter doormat that's been tread upon and grubby feet wiped upon and cold and wet that's passed over it? Has. To. Go. Start the season fresh with a bright and light new mat. 

This one is just darling. It's sweet without being too "twee" and brings in those fresh colors we're looking to. Since it's still spring, and I'm guessing that still means a bit of rain where you are, stick with a sisal type rather than a rag rug or other type just yet. You want to keep that wet outside your home as much as possible. Another thing about wet weather is that light colors will show wear easily. So colors, yes. White? Maybe not.

Front door wreath

Okay, we've got our feet taken care of. Look up and until you can answer that door, greet your guests with a beautiful spring wreath. Winter, by default of the plants available, tends to be heavy handed. Don't get me wrong. I am all about that evergreen wreath with holly berries interspersed. But I'm also ready to lighten things up!

Interior decorator tip: Don't get stuck looking for spring decor in typical places.
I haven't really found spring wreaths that speak to me in stores. Even my favorite stores! But you know what? Etsy never ever fails me. And when I shop there, I feel really good about supporting these hardworking artists with payment and by showcasing their art to others. Exhibit A:

I'm loving the simplicity, asymmetry and fresh green of this wreath. Just the look I want to invite friends in.

Spring decorating ideas: living room

You could easily argue that the living room is the heart of your home. You gather with loved ones and interact. Sometimes that means sharing a Wild Kratts episode, other times game night. Always love, friends and family. Also? A super easy place to make a huge impact with small changes. Remember how chunky, warm and wintery that front door was? We're going to apply the same principles here. Lighten, brighten and less bulk. 

Throw blankets

Happy Habitat Crossroads Throw:  West Elm , Diagonal Geo Stripe Silk Pillow Cover - Horseradish:  West Elm

Happy Habitat Crossroads Throw: West Elm, Diagonal Geo Stripe Silk Pillow Cover - Horseradish: West Elm

For the season, pack up that chunky Swedish knit blanket. I know! It's hard to let go! But the truth is, it's far from summer. In fact, we may be kidding ourselves that it's spring. So go with a throw, but a lighter one. You still need snuggly! This one perfectly fits the bill. It's from Karrie at Happy Habitat. She's a KCMO gal, small business owner and artist and is passionate about the environment. All blankets are made from recycled cotton. She's the real deal. Check her out.

Throw pillows

For those of you who know me, this next spring decor idea will come as no shock whatsoever. Throw yourself a new throw pillow! I've said it before, I'll say it again. The throw pillow is your go-to all-star player when it comes to making a big change. Without costing a bunch of change. Another way to keep throw pillows worth their weight is to choose pillows with a removeable, WASHABLE cover. You don't want to hold your breath everytime someone sits down with a cup of tea right next to that pillow. 

Spring decorating ideas: your bedroom

I have to admit that I love bedrooms. Besides the obvious rest, relaxation and, can really do whatever you want with the decor in your bedroom. Because it's your bedroom! Guests won't be visiting as much as they would the living room or the kitchen. So make that baby yours. And if it doesn't "go with" the decor in the rest of your home? You're the only one who'll know that! 

So, that being said, here are a couple of easy spring decorating ideas to throw at your bedroom.


I love love love a good down comforter. Cover that baby in a flannel duvet and I might just hibernate through the winter. But at a point it just gets heavy. And a bit restrictive. There's something refreshing about putting it away for the season in favor of lighter bedding. It'll still be there when you need it! Imagine how much you'll love seeing it!

Use this opportunity to have layers on your bed. Spring in Seattle doesn't just flip a switch when it arrives. There are still chilly nights where you'll be happy to have several options. It's always easier to kick off a blanket or two than get up in the middle of the night and bring more from the closet. Brrr. Choose a bright cheery quilt to energize yourself.


The same thing applies to sheets as I talked about the down bedding above. Flannel is my all time favorite texture. But remember the feeling of slipping between crisp, fresh-on-the-bed cotton sheets? That's pretty great too. 

Plus, you can have even more fun with the sheets than you can with the quilt! Because no one other than you sees those babies unless they're invited. Have fun with them! Celebrate spring with yellows, blues, greens....colors of renewal.


Decor in my bedroom is pretty sacred. I like the minimal approach in my sanctuary, so if it's out, it means something. Changing these treasures up seasonally keeps them fresh and well appreciated.

My favorite way to do this is to add a little bud vase. Nothing says spring more to me than buds and baby flowers. I have to admit I'm not that great at keeping a huge bouquet of flowers happy. And in my bedroom? That'd be a bit much. Not to mention the sneezing fit it can send others into. But one small bud vase from my beloved Heath Ceramics? Just the cure for the wintertime blues.

And if there aren't any buds available or I don't want to mess with the upkeep? I've got a bunch of fake baby tulips in the perfect coral color. I plop one in my vase and I'm happy as a clam. It might not be "real" but it makes me happy. And that matters most.

Belgian flax linen sheet set:  West Elm , Multi-stem vase:  Heath Ceramics , Laterza Quilt:  Anthropologie

Belgian flax linen sheet set: West Elm, Multi-stem vase: Heath Ceramics, Laterza Quilt: Anthropologie

Spring decorating ideas: kids bedroom

I included these ideas because kiddos can be just as excited (if not more so) to see the sunlight a bit more. To be able to shed a layer of clothes. To open the windows a crack. So here are some easy ideas aimed just at them for spring sprucing.


The great things about kids decor is that you can really let lose and channel your inner child. Things are way less serious, a whole lot more colorful and fun for days.

For the same reasons mentioned above, I recommend updating kids' rooms with a quilt and fun new sheets. Kids bedding offers a larger variety of colors and prints. For some reason adults shouldn't even consider a quilt unless it's a sensible neutral or select few colors. The same rules don't apply for kiddos; take advantage.


Organic mod botanical sheet set:  Update: these sheets sold out, but check out more at    Land of Nod  , Savanna giraffe throw pillow:  Land of Nod , Ribbon dreamcatcher: as shown, Land of Nod--no longer available. Many options at  Etsy

Organic mod botanical sheet set: Update: these sheets sold out, but check out more at Land of Nod, Savanna giraffe throw pillow: Land of Nod, Ribbon dreamcatcher: as shown, Land of Nod--no longer available. Many options at Etsy

It's amazing the change one swap of decor can make in a child's room. I look back at how big of a deal it was when my Santa wall hanging came out. Or the advent calendar. Don't leave spring out in the cold! Using decor seasonally really lets it become a tradition and extra special. 

For this room I loved not only the colors of this dreamcatcher, but the idea itself. The story behind dreamcatchers is that it snags the bad dreams from entering young one's sleep. Sweet all year 'round, but the idea of spring breezes and open windows is perfect for this time of year. Your kids will love it even more than you do!

All this talk of spring is getting me absolutely itching to get outside. I've unearthed my sunglasses, grabbed my lighter weight jacket and am bounding out the door. And when I come back home (probably chilly and reaching for a hot cocoa) I'll have a cheery home waiting for me. And all of these changes without making a huge dramatic change to the room itself. Happy spring, everyone!

Erm. Postscript. I wrote this a little over a week ago. Yesterday there were snow flurries.