Scandinavian Decor and Kids' Rooms--How to Make it Work


Let's just put this out there: kids' rooms have gotten a bad rap. Someone, somewhere along the line decided that kids' rooms should be: primary colors, theme oriented (I'm looking at you, Winnie the Pooh!), all pink with bows or all blue with dinosaurs. But that's crap! Kids' rooms can be, and should be, extensions of the decor from the rest of the house. Kids are part of the family, no? Would you want your living room to be red, yellow and blue? Well, perhaps some uber-modern types, but for the most part, NO! Okay. Now that we've got that out of the way, I wanted to share how a very "now" (and perfect for tranquil bedroom) style can be applied to kids' rooms in a chic way. In short: Scandinavian decor and kids' rooms--how to make it work!

Scandi Kids Room Must Have: Natural Textures

There are several elements of Scandinavian decor that just stand out as classic components. The use of nature and natural textures is one of these. And it's surprisingly easy to incorporate natural textures into kids' rooms. As pictured here, fluffy sheepskin rugs, woven baskets, and a cork nightstand. Don't forget the adorable bunnies! Who here loves Miffy as much as I do? All great ways to honor nature and bring the outside in.

Scandi Kids Room Must Have: Graphic Patterns

Another scandi decor giveaway is the use of bold, graphic patterns. Think the throw pillows at I right? But in a kid's room, you don't want it too bold and jarring. You want to keep it light and whimsical. Here I've limited the graphic wallpaper to one wall, thrown in some alphabet typography and added some geometric wall art. Graphic patterns? Done.

Scandi Kids Room Must Have: Color Palette

And last, but certainly not least, the epitome of Scandinavian decor: a pared back, neutral palette. But, like the graphic patterns, we want this room to be child-friendly! And while black, white and grey can certainly make a lovely palette, a muted color instantly warms up the room. Here, blush and a tiny bit of light blue serve just this purpose. 

Here we are, having arrived at a new take on kids' rooms. Gone are the rooms that remind you a bit too much of a scary carnival and in their place, chic, age-appropriate rooms you'd be happy to call your own. Just a few steps to make Scandinavian decor and kids' rooms the best of friends.

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