Not Your Mother's Wallpaper. Modern Wallpaper Choices That "Wow"


Have you seen the wallpapers available recently? No, I'm not talking the flower-bedecked dusty mauve Laura Ashley wallpapers your mom may or may not have covering your entire house. (Nothing against Laura Ashley, of course, but if you're a fan, you're probably looking for a different blog….anywho!)

Modern wallpapers are bold, beautiful and unique! They take a room and make it say, "Look at me! How could you have possibly considered this room finished without me?!?"

Let me show you a few examples of my very favorites.

Subtle wallpapers

If, like me, you have lots of other textures, prints, patterns going on in your room, this is a nice way to go for the walls. Let's use the analogy of a rock band. 

In this case, you've got your "Bono" - a beautiful floral rug. The star. And then, you've got The Edge, the heart of the band who keeps everyone in check…a super chic emerald green velvet sofa. Finally, you've got Adam Clayton and Larry Mullins, Jr. - the perfect finishing touches to the band. The rhythm, bass, coordinating factor.

That's where these wallpapers come in. A gorgeous, harmonious, happy to not be the center of attention option.

This is one of my favorites. Moody and sexy grasscloth. It just found a forever home in client Katie's dining room.


Classic wallpapers

OK, let's go Pink Floyd for this one. Oldies, but goodies. Absolutely can count on them for great music whichever song/album you choose. The same goes for wallpaper.

They've been in style forever, they'll stay in style forever.

How cool does this look on the stairs?? Can't get much more classic than a nice black and white. Bonus--it's removable!


Bold wallpapers!

I have to admit, these are absolutely my favorites. I love having one absolute star of my room, and often it is wallpaper. We'll say Foo Fighters for this one. You clearly know the star is Dave Grohl. I mean, is there anything the man can't do? I'm not saying the other members are not extremely talented - they are, obviously. But it is the Dave Grohl show, am I right?!

And here's a star-of-the-show wallpaper I recently put in my own laundry room…..with everything else white to balance out.

Whew! I don't know about you, but these wallpapers get me all excited and tingly. And there are so many fresh choices available!

Which one grabs you the most? Are you a chic, always-count-on-me Classic wallpaper fan? Perhaps a the-glue-that-keeps-everyone-together Subtle but essential wallpaper? Or do you rock out with your…, are you a Bold, look-at-me wallpaper?

Having trouble deciding? Let's work together to figure it out!