Mix neutrals like a designer (it's easier than you think!)


Okay, moment of truth here. One of the first introductions I had to interior design was "Trading Spaces". I know, I know, hay on the walls, completely impractical, scripted "reality" TV. Yes. These are all true statements. But there were some really wonderful things to come from the show as well. Among others, Genevieve Gorder. For me, she was the show. I soaked up everything she said/did/designed (okay, I still do, she has continued on with a super successful career). One of the first things she said that really resonated with me was that any palette that could possibly be thought up had already been created by mother nature. So rather than reinvent the wheel, look to the beauty outside and bring it inside. I use this advice all the time. And when possible, I even bring the actual nature indoors. So naturally, when I contemplated a blog on mixing neutrals, I turned to the understated wonders of the outdoors to back me up. C'mon, see for yourself!

Mixing Neutrals Tip #1: shades of grey

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From black to white, and all luscious greys in between. No surprises here, but a Swedish landscape inspired the vignette pictured here. The most basic (and classic!) scheme, it will serve as the starting point for the next tips

Mixing Neutrals Tip #2: borrow from another family


I don't know about you, but growing up mixing browns and blacks was not something that was encouraged. Brown played with her friend cream and beige, black hung out with buddies white and grey. But you know what? If the Brady family can blend, so, for sure, can these neutrals. Frankly, I think the addition of brown makes the others not only warmer, but deeper and more complex as well.

Mixing Neutrals Tip #3: add in an accent color


Finally, my favorite way to go....look to nature for that unexpected splash of color. In this case, subdued greys and light beige are a perfect backdrop for a vivid green. Capture the look easily with a fun throw pillow against an otherwise neutral seating area. You'll be ever so glad you did!

See? How easy is that? Get out! Take a walk! Look around! Listen! Listen to what Mother Nature wants to tell you about colors and neutrals. When you do, you, too can mix neutrals like a designer/the ultimate designer.

Items pictured (that can be purchased at a store): parlour chair // flokati shag rug // 4040 locust malki pillow // shag puff pillow //  eugene pillow // vibrations shag rug // round pintuck pillow // sarah campbell mosaic triangles wool dhurrie

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