How To Make Your Room A Comfy Cozy Fall Haven


Wait! Did you catch that? That quick nip? Yep! There it is again! That tiny hint of crisp autumn air. Ahhhh. In Seattle, it's been a particularly dry, hot summer. And this little taste of the fall to come? Heaven.

make your room a comfy cozy fall haven online kids interiors blog

In days gone by this would have led me to daydreaming about all things autumn. Curling up in a cozy chair wrapped up in a softer than soft blanket. The only part of me exposed is the one hand needed to hold the book I'm immersed in and occasionally to sneak over to grab the cup of cocoa at my elbow. There's probably a purring cat in there somewhere too…..

And now? With said cat still around, but additionally two tornado-like boys, my autumn dreams look a bit different. But awesome all the same, yeah? Yeah! So here are some ways that I'm going to dress up my home for fall, boho family style.

Pretty much the key to boho style, overall, is layers. Layers and relaxation. And those really really relate to how I'm decorating. In my cozy fall den, I'm going to tackle layers of textures, colors, materials and nature.


Layer in texture

Basically in summer, you want as little of your skin touching anything it doesn't have to, right? . In autumn, it's the complete opposite. The first thing I reach for when I feel that autumn breeze is a throw. And, sure, there were throws in the summer. Nice, light cotton throws you could wrap up in on a cool summer night around the firepit. But autumn. When I think autumn I think chunky handmade blankets. And corduroy. Velvet. Drink those textures in. Surround yourself. Throw them in with pillows, throws, table runners, everywhere you can think of. Texture.


My go-to in chic, cozy throws: Happy Habitat A KCMO based small, woman-owned biz! Pictured is the Stacked pattern in cobalt/cinnamon/linen/slate


Layer in color

Let's talk transition again. Summer: crisp, bright, starched. Red, white and blue, am I right? Autumn: let's tone it down a bit. Slow down. Relax. Here we've got red, but a scarlet tone. Add in neighbors plum, orange, gold. Throw in an olive. And creams and browns. Colors blur into each other. Everything gets a little quieter. A little more sedate.

make your room a comfy cozy fall haven colors

Layer in materials (metals, wood, etc.)

Hold on tight, because here's where we lose some people. We're going to mix finishes. I'm talking golds with bronzes. Coppers. Mellow silvers. Fall is about gathering and celebrating. Think of it as a potluck and all the family members bring something different. Five star dining? Maybe not. But delicious and soulful.

make your home a comfy cozy fall haven online interiors blog

Layer in light

The change in light here is a big deal! During the summer nights, good luck convincing my kiddos it's bedtime because that sun is still shining! And just now, it's getting to the point where we turned on our dining room light for dinner. The days are getting shorter. And it's a perfect time to layer in different levels of light. You've got room for table lamps, floor lamps, candles, even an overhead light (dimmer is a must in this situation). Mix and match as you need them to create that cozy warm glow.


Nourish from Glassybaby. Each product purchase supports a charity. This one goes to the glassybaby white light fund to help people, animals, and planet heal


Layer in nature

In my mind, fall is the most beautiful season. Spring? It's pretty cute with the freshness everywhere. And winter is stoic and peaceful. But fall is a mature, rich season. Nature is starting to let go a bit, and all the better for us. Bring in pine cones. Colorful leaves. I'm not saying go all craft project-y. Be selective. Add a branch or few leaves to a tray. It gives you texture, dimension and color all in one package.

make your room a comfy cozy fall haven online kids interiors blog

So again. Layers. Because that's what fall really is. Leaves start to drop. Acorns too. You have all those needles and leaves and twigs fallen to the ground together. And they're beautiful. In fall's nature everyone's welcome and everyone's a perfect fit.  And it's so easy to apply that to your home too. Bring in those comfy cozy layers of colors, light, textures, finishes and nature. The result? Fall haven.

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