Bathroom Decor Ideas For Your Sexy Retreat

bathroom decor ideas blog online kids interiors

Mama, our jobs are hard. And we work 24 hours a day. People who work hard like us deserve a space to call their own. Some have "caves" or "she sheds". But that sounds like a lot of work and how often do you actually get away to visit? Here's an idea: make yourself an oasis in a place you use every. day. Here are some bathroom decor ideas to turn your bathroom into a sexy retreat. Treat yourself often.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Keep it simple

  • Sexy doesn’t have to scream “sexy”. It just is. Allow the room one huge element (gorgeous tile, stunning countertops, etc.) and the rest as a supporting act. Anything else and it’s just too much going on

  • Along the same lines, think less is more when you explore color palettes. For sexy, stick with either very light (think all white) or moody and dark.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Smells

  • Candles—flickering light and filling the room with a pleasant scent? Uh, yeah.

  • Soaps—because what’s sexier than that “pure clean” smell?

  • Bubble bath—frothy bubbles. dive. in. Or make a bubble beard, but that isn't quite as sexy

  • Lotion—avoid the dehydration situation. Lather some on post bath/shower

  • Shampoos/conditioners—don’t forget your hair!

  • Scents tip: the nose is uber sensitive, and you don’t want to overwhelm it. If you’re mixing and matching products, keep the scents in a similar family. Fruity, earthy, floral…these are all types. Because orange creamsicles are delicious, but smelling like one when you’ve mixed orange and vanilla scents is anything but sexy

bathroom decor ideas blog online kids interiors

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Skin

  • Robes—terry cloth, silk, cashmere…what do you fancy next to your skin?

  • Towels—two words: Turkish cotton. Do it

  • Slippers—who wants cold feet when they step out of their steamy bath or shower?

  • Bathmats—something to curl your toes in after finally getting out

  • Towel warmer—I’ve seen these much more often in Europe and hope they get big over here. There is just nothing like it. Well, you can always throw towels in the dryer for a few minutes….

bathroom decor ideas blog online kids interiors

Bathroom Decor Ideas: A feast for the eyes

  • Light dimmer—you won’t use it all that often, but when you do, you will be oh so glad you have one

  • Metallic-- Switch out your hardware; throw in a little bling. Mix metals for an eclectic look or stay with one finish for sleek.

  • Mirrors—necessity and splurge combined. Ornate with curlicues? Shaker simplicity? You choose.

  • Shower curtains—Banish the fishy shower curtain to the kids' bathroom. For yours keep it simple, textural, elegant.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Be one with nature

  • Plants: they add a living element to the room, and can add a nice pop of color without being too distracting. If you've got a black thumb, bring one in for special occasions

  • Teak is a great, water-resistant wood. Stools are useful and stylish for storing supplies nearby

  • Loofahs, pumice, sponges. Apply.

bathroom decor ideas blog online kids interiors

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Organization

  • Towel holder—get rid of the white plastic bar. Go for a ring for hand towels. Hooks for large towels

  • Storage

    • Baskets—there’s something so sexy about seeing a bunch of towels carefully wrapped in an industrial style basket that just screams, “you see me, you want to use me, go for it”

    • Baskets part 2--for the other stuff (the hair dryers, extra toilet paper rolls) hide them. Storage with lids that you can't see into. Done.

  • Small containers

    • Perfume bottles: these remind me of a grand lady getting ready for the evening at her dressing table. Dabbing the top on her pulse points: neck, wrists, behind her ears…

    • Apothecary style: retro chic, seeing your Q-tips has never been sexier

    • Next time you're in a hotel, grab a few of those freebie soaps, shampoo, etc. Put them in cute little containers

  • Tray: pull everything together on a vintage silver tray with patina

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Go. Big.

  • Claw foot tub. Yeah, you know the ones I mean. Slide in for a bath up to your neck and just. be.

  • Add one of those ginormous showers that’s big enough for two of you to shower comfortably. Of course, if you are showering together, you might not need all that much space, but damn, it’s sexy to look at.

bathroom decor ideas blog online kids interiors

So there you have it! My bathroom tips. Because let's face it. If you can get into a bathroom with a lock where you can escape for a moment you're winning. Having a sexy oasis once you get there? Butter creme frosting on a ginormous cake.

You know what? That's not all I've got! There are other ways to keep the sexy in the parent life. It is possible. I promise. Check out this blog, where I share how to make your bedroom work for you.