3 Life Tips From Mister Rogers That Made Me A Better Decorator


The kiddos and I have stumbled upon a new routine that, I have to say, is working. It starts about 5:30 pm (also known as the witching hour: post-afternoon fun and pre-dinner). Everyone has had a long day and is just about done with each other. And at just the right moment, we switch over to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. 

The episode we watched first started as usual with the greeting song and clothes changing (does anyone know why he does that??). And then Mister Rogers said he was going to a restaurant to get some lunch. Would we like to come? Well, of course, we would!

I'll sum up the visit with a few key points. Mr. Rogers introduced us - the audience - to table manners, place settings, finding the bathroom, and generally lovely public behavior. He knew the owner of the restaurant, and we were invited to meet and watch the chef at work. He made Mr. Rogers a cheese sandwich. At the end of the visit with the chef, Mr. Rogers turned to him, thanked him, and said, "It must feel good to make so many people happy."

I have to admit, the two boys and I sat there in complete silence and awe during the entire episode. This, at 5:30, is both unusual and wholly welcomed. I was so pleased with the experience that later that night I tried to parse exactly what it was that was so successful about the episode.

Here is what I came up with:

Simple is often best.

That sandwich, made with quality ingredients, was delicious. I believe that quality, handmade items - decor, toys, and more - truly nourish the soul. 

Speak directly and with respect.

None of us likes falseness. Be sincere and friendly. As your designer, I want our communication to be this way. From one peer to another. We're in this design together and with the two of us, the outcome will be fantastic.

Community is key.

Know your neighbors. Know your shop owners. Make a difference in their lives rather than supporting a large, faceless corporation. Know them as people, and interact with them as friends. Whenever possible, I buy directly from the artist. I shop from small business owners who take the time to get to know me when I visit frequently. These small choices add up in a big way for our community.

If these ideas speak to you in the same way that they do to me, I’ll bet we would make a fantastic team. I'd love to partner with you to create a space that celebrates you and your family with the style and comfort you deserve. 

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