Interior Decorating How to: Inspiration to Implementation


Here it is. The real deal. The insider's tour to my brain. Behold: three projects that I took from inspiration to implementation. I just returned from the best trip to San Francisco. I've only been a few times, but each time has been absolutely fabulous and so so inspiring to me. I love Seattle, and it will always be home to me, but San Fran is officially becoming my "happy place". A light, bright, beachy yin to Seattle's cozy, warm and earthy yang. And, you know me, I'm a little quirky, right? So no trips to Golden Gate Park or ride on a cable car. Not this time. This time I found three quirky spots in San Francisco that just spoke to me. So I stopped to capture the moment. And, at the time, I didn't even have a plan for how I would use what I saw. Just that this was a beautiful place in time. Over the next couple of days, the thoughts marinated into what sorts of rooms the photos lent themselves to and then.......well, just see for yourself. Interior decorating how to: inspiration to implementation.

interior decoration inspiration


I started my walk early on a Sunday morning strolling down Valencia. As nothing was really open yet, I took the time to look up. And boy was I glad I did. The main difference I see between Seattle and San Francisco from a color palette perspective is that the buildings in SF are just so much lighter. In color. In details. In feel. And this was a perfect example of that light, creamy palette. The accent colors, terra cotta and pine green, ironically are very Seattle, which is possibly why I was drawn to it. Regardless....classic.


Further on my walk down Valencia I spotted this beauty. And I couldn't make much sense of it. I was immediately drawn to it, but it was so........not me. I'm a chill, laid-back chic. And this is.....HI! HERE I AM! So I took the photo not knowing AT ALL what to do with it. But I am so so glad that I did. It makes so much sense when I look back. Who comes up and says "HI!" better than a teenage young lady? We were off to the races.


Heading back towards 16th (yes, still on Valencia! Hint, hint GO SEE!), the gate grabbed me. But it wasn't until I came even with the doors behind that it really really popped. The yellow was so soft, so buttery. It immediately said "nursery". Possibly because my nursery as a wee one was yellow. But with a liberal dose of white, this room was ready to be born!

interior decoration implementation


Ivory tower to ivory armchair. With bits of rusts and greens. Sit down, snuggle in and bring your book!


Hot pink for a happy teenager. Add in some grounding green and some cheeky wall art and you'll have teens wanting to be sent to their room!


Cheerful cheerful yellow. So cozy and warm. With a touch of some graphic black wallpaper for edge. G'night, little one. Sleep tight.

So! A little peek into the wheels turning in my head. "Great, Jen, that's great" you say, wondering how this applies to you. YOU may not be looking for a yellow nursery particularly. But here's my point: you can do this too! I've shown you my process so that you can apply it to your rooms! There is no mystery to color palettes. Find things that you LOVE and find ways to bring them together into your room. In fact, go back to your inspiration book. You remember that style you've honed? Start there. And if you need help? I'm here, and I'd love to join you on your journey to making your room just as inspirational and personal to you as these photos are to me. Let's get started!

Until next time, SF!