I Quit!


I just did the scariest thing I've done in a while. I quit. Let me rephrase that. I quit my job. But it's been the greatest thing to happen to me and here's why.

Recently, I'd been free-lancing for an on-line design-in-a-box type company. They had been popping up here and there and I thought I'd see what they were about. And, for a while, it worked great. Projects came and went. I won a few. The money coming in was.....nice. Not at all equal to the time and energy I put into it. But it was something, right?

Until it wasn't. Until I sat myself down and really looked at what I was doing and how I felt about it. Basically, I was working for a company who treated clients like you, the "customer", like they were in a fast food drive through. "Place your order, move to the next window, please". It was bland. It was NOT custom or heartfelt. It was so... mass produced and sterile. And to me? That's not what design is all about.

You deserve better.

Design is about passion. About loving your space. About incorporating your dreams, hopes and memories into a space that truly reflects you. It's a process that you and I go through together to create beautiful rooms. Rooms with great nubby textures, and a chair that your Mama rocked you to sleep in and lovely greenery breathing clean air into your room

Let's say instead of fast food, you're choosing farm-to-table, organic meals for you and your family. That's the kind of design I want to do and am choosing to do. I'm putting all my effort and energy and passion into Park Place Designs. Where I can work with clients like you. Clients who share my passion for things remembered and the promise the future holds.

So, yeah, it's scary to leave behind the promise of a little money here and there. But I'm putting my faith in you. My dream client. Because I want to spend my time crafting dreams with you, not rolling out soul-less designs like a robot.

And maybe this is the perfect time for you, or maybe you have some work to do before we're at the same place. But you might know someone who is looking. Who wants to start this fabulous journey of crafting their dream home. If so? Give me a mention. I'd love to meet them. Just like I've loved meeting you.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy trip towards delicious, home cooked design.

Jen Pollard6 Comments