Summer Texture You'll Just HAVE To Touch

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There is nothing better than a good snuggle up with a soft as a kitten throw or run your fingertips along a nubby sofa, right? And most of the time these textures come into play in the colder months when we want to wrap up and cover ourselves head to toe. But warmer weather does not mean you have to abandon these treasures! There are simple ways to incorporate luxurious summer texture even when it's warm out. Here's how:

The key to summer texture: fabrics

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It really is that simple.

  • Swap out your fantabulous flannels and cozy knit throws for a lighter weight

  • Bring in linens, cottons and lighter, looser weaves

  • While you're at it, give that color palette an update

    • Trade your greys and deep reds for sandy creams, sea blue and a sun-kissed coral

Don't you feel lighter already? Now here's where you can update your home with summer texture

Summer texture: throw pillows

Throw pillows are the easiest and least expensive way to make a major change in a space.

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  • It is summer, so with the lighter color palettes come the increased danger of spills. Okay, who are we kidding, it's Kool-Aid season.

  • Either invest in some removable, washable pillow covers or know going in that these are pretty seasonal and aren't expected to reappear next year

Summer texture: throws

Another easy switch for your living or bedroom is throws

  • Throws over a sofa is like icing on a cake. Pretty to look at and the first thing you go for.

  • Keep your color palette in mind and the weight of the throw

    • Imagine a cream colored cashmere cloud of texture-ness

    • Light yet textural, right?

    • Now get it (and keep it) far away from the kids!

Summer texture: blankets and coverlets

While these aren't strictly necessary in summer, I know I sleep better with that little extra weight of a blanket on top of me.

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  • Swap out your comforter or duvet for a lighter blanket, coverlet, quilt

  • At bedtime you can fold it up at the end of the bed, ready to be pulled up if it gets chilly at night

  • And c'mon. When else can you get away with an aqua and orange bed covering? Summer!

So, have no fear! There are lots of great ways to bring toe-curling, sigh emitting texture into your warm weather plans.