Color of the Year is Oceanside! Great! Now, What Do I Do With It?

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Sherwin Williams recently predicted its color of the year and it is (drumroll, please)......Oceanside! And I'm pleased as punch because it's definitely a color I like and use.

But for some, this is kind of like how I feel when fashion "trends" or "must wear" articles come out. I want to be current! But I'm not sure where to start! And I don't want to start walking around with a planted pot on my head trying to achieve a look I'm not entirely sure about because a fashionista says I should. I want to be confident that I'm pulling off this style in a way that makes sense to me!

Aha! Decor, on the other hand, decor's in my wheelhouse! So let me show you how to use Oceanside to your advantage in your home. It's a good thing.

A little background

So there's this thing called color theory. And it can get kinda tricky, so I'm going to make it super plain and easy to use with Oceanside, the color of the year.

Here's the wheel.

how to use oceanside blue online interior design edesign jen pollard (4).jpg

You'll recognize all those colors from the crayon boxes of your youth. They're just all situated so that they blend seamlessly into one another. So let's start at the very beginning. Oceanside, as Sherwin-Williams says, "bridges together a harmonious balance of blues and greens". From there, there are certain no-fail combinations of colors that I'll walk you through.

Monochrome buddies for the color of the year

Super simple, this is a color plus and minus white and black. So a lighter and darker version of the color together. Voila:

All pillows from  West Elm

All pillows from West Elm

Analogous buddies for the color of the year

So these are colors that are next door neighbors to each other. Basically, red, orange, yellow....or in this case, yellow, green and blue. Makes for a happy group like this:

All pillows from  West Elm

All pillows from West Elm

Complementary buddies for the color of the year

This gets a little more tricky, but it's your color and its straight across the wheel neighbor. For Oceanside, that's a blue (on the green side of things) and it's friend orange (on the red side of things). I have to admit, these are usually my faves. See what you think:

Pillows from  West Elm

Pillows from West Elm

Triadic buddies for the color of the year

Things can get really detailed pretty quickly in colors, so we'll go this far and leave it at that. You've heard of the primary colors, right? They'll always be friends. So, in this case, we've got blue, which is a primary color. And she'll always play well with a red and yellow her primary colored siblings. I've taken versions of each of these colors and put them together like so:

Pillows from  West Elm

Pillows from West Elm

Now that we've accomplished who looks good on who's arm, a word about Oceanside on its own. It's a bold color. Deep and saturated. And that look can go a long way! So either use a bit of it here and there or go all. in. I'm talking full-on hygge with dark moody colors, lush furs and leathers. If you're going to funk, funk it up. 

Photo from  Sherwin Williams

Photo from Sherwin Williams

So that's that. A little color theory and you can confidently use the color of the year in your home! And if you like knowing how to use this color and its friends, I've got a cheat sheet for all the colors, just like this one. Be absolutely certain that you're making the right color choices every. time.