How to Decorate for Christmas: AND Include Your Kids

Let's face it. Decorating your home for Christmas WITH kiddos is way different than how you approached things BEFORE kiddos. I mean, it just doesn't make sense to get out the heirloom glass angels with metaphorical bulls in your china shop! But this doesn't mean you have to have a Christmas brought to you by the Octonauts, either. Here's how to decorate for Christmas in a way you enjoy (and that they can, too)!

How to Decorate for Christmas with Kids: Meet Them Where They're At

This is more about setting everyone up for success. For those itty bitty years where they're crawling, putting everything in their mouth....well, Christmas decor's going to be pretty low-key (and up high).

How to Decorate for Christmas with Kids: Give 'Em (A) Space

You know that pure joy that is the anticipation of Santa coming? You don't want to damper that! You want to embrace it! So for your sanity and theirs, give them a space that they can go hog-wild with. Is it going to be your cup of tea decor-wise? Most likely not! But it's the happiness that means so much. Here are a couple of ways to give them what they want (in their one area! You get the rest!)

How to Decorate for Christmas with Kids: Living Room

Chances are your living room is one of the more "family" of your rooms. You'll spend time in there and so will guests! Here are ways you can let the kiddos have their say without cringing every time you walk in the room.

Christmas tree

Let's just start with the biggie. For your Christmas tree to really represent your family (and not just look like a Pinterest tree that no one can breathe on) you need ornaments that have meaning to your kiddos. Be smart about it and get some sturdy ornaments for them to crush on, er, love. I love the felt versions that are out there now like this one:

Speaking of felt, this is a great idea for toddler-aged kiddos. Give them their own felt tree and ornaments for them to place (and place and place) to their heart's content!

For the older kiddos, you can get them their own ornament display tree or mini-tree!

Other living room goodies

Super easy additions are to let kiddos pick out throw pillows, cozy throws, drink coasters....all things that can be replaced if need be.

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How to Decorate for Christmas with Kids: Their Bedroom

Another way to give the kiddos free (ish) reign is to let them decorate their bedroom! There are so many fun ways to do so


  • sheets, pillowcases,'s fun to have a special pair just for the season.

  • My family started a tradition of buying a set of Christmas pillowcases each year. We accumulated quite a few (and some are with me even now!)


  • This is a gimme. There are a gaggle of Christmas jammie options out there from whole family matching (erm, eek!) to monogrammed to just plain funny ones.

  • Some families have a tradition of a new pair for Christmas Eve, others get them out early. Do what feels right for your family!


  • This one is easy to forget about, but how special will your kiddo feel with their very own holiday nightlight? It's a simple addition, really, but makes such an impact

  • When I was little I had one of these ceramic trees as mine. Were my parents very optimistic about sharing this with me? Yup! But it survived somehow. And now they have even more kid-friendly ones like this one

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How to Decorate for Christmas with Kids: Outside

This is going to be the most visual of your kiddo-influenced decor choices. It can range from choosing multi-colored lights all the way up to.....well it's endless really. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Door mat

It's pretty simple! Lay out the welcome mat. And this season? Let the kids spice it up a bit

Yard signs

There are really fun options out there. I've seen signs about asking Santa to stop by, I've seen cheery phrases like this one. My dad and I made Victorian carolers when I was little. It was a great father/daughter project.....he did the woodwork and I did the fabric choices! Hmmm......foreshadowing?


Dun, dun dunnnnn. Yep. We're here! These babies are what can take your home from quaint little home to full Griswold glory. And I have to admit, this is where my boys really show their personal flair. Yes, we could have a sweet little Charlie Brown and Snoopy! Nope! We've got Darth Vader in our front yard, lol.

how to decorate for christmas blog online kids interiors jen pollard park place designs

Last, but not least, I've got one more "how to decorate for Christmas" tip. When you can, support small businesses, artists and locals. The examples I've got above (inflatables aside) are all sourced in this way. I'm not saying making it another thing to add to your ginormous to-do list. But do what you can! It makes a difference to the businesses you support and show your kiddos that it's important to you at the same time.

Here are links to the goodies pictured above!

If you liked this blog (and, gosh, I hope you did!) you'll love the other ideas I share in this Christmas booklet. Give it a look! Anything that makes Christmas a little smoother is a win, right?

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family christmas guide online kids interiors jen pollard park place designs
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