7 Of The Best Cribs For Eco-Conscious Families

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Let's take it from the top. One of the main components of a nursery is the crib. It's where your baby will (eventually, in theory) sleep, and that's the main point of a nursery, right? To have a little cocoon where your little one can get their beauty sleep. But, wow, are there a TON of options out there! And for your little one, no run-of-the-mill crib will do. You want one that is earth-friendly, made of sustainable wood, and is stylish! "Are those options even available in one crib?" you ask. Oh, my gracious, yes. And I can't wait to share a few of them with you. Without further ado, seven of the best cribs for eco-conscious families

What makes a crib "green" anyway?

So glad you asked! You probably have an idea that "green" or "eco-friendly" is generally a better way to go with lots of things. But what does that mean in a crib? There are a couple of components of the crib that make it easy on the earth and more importantly, easier on baby.


The crib should be made of sustainably grown wood, meaning the trees will grow back in time. Some woods that fit this category are: beechwood, pine, birch, and certain versions of MDF (not all meet this standard; check the fine print)


Coating on the wood should be non-toxic (lead, mercury and phthalate free). Why, you ask? On top of the lack of fumes these finishes emits, at some point those kiddos absolutely gnaw on the rails of the crib. And then? It's incredibly important for those paints, sealants, what have you, to be absolutely safe.

Longevity of the crib

Cribs that are cheaply made will soon end up in the junkyard, wasting those materials and requiring others to be used making replacements. Quality cribs last for a long time, and can even become heirlooms. With this in mind, while a trendy crib might make an immediate statement, a classic one will truly be timeless. One other aspect to consider is if the crib is a convertible one. If it is? It'll transition into a toddler bed and potentially even a twin sized bed when needed. Talk about making the most of your resources!

Got a handle on "green"? Good. Here's where to find them!

My first piece of advice, right out of the gate is to see as many cribs as you can in person. The ease of online shopping is wonderful, but there is something about seeing the piece in person....touching, seeing, envisioning your tiny nestled in.....yep. Most of the companies below have links to stores that sell their lines. If not, check out your local independent baby store. These cribs are not generally going to be found in the big box nursery stores. And if you can't find a place to see it in person? Don't sweat it! Read everything you can on the website and you'll get a feel for the people and company making your crib. A lot of comfort can be found in that. 

One last note before I unleash you on the gorgeous cribs below. Price. "A crib that is expertly crafted with sustainable wood and non-toxic finishes must cost a bundle", you're thinking.  Not necessarily! As with most things nursery, there is a range from affordable up to "yeah, we went there!". But rest easy knowing that even the cribs on the lower end of the price point are quality quality pieces. Okay, that's enough out of me! Here they are! Seven of the BEST cribs for families, like yours, that are mindful of the environment.

You have to admit, we are so lucky to live in a time where there are an abundance of eco-friendly, beautiful cribs that you can feel good about putting your little one to sleep in. But creating a green nursery doesn't have to stop with cribs. Interested? Let's create the nursery of your dreams together! Check out the packages available here to see which one is the right level of support for your family.