Your Gender-Neutral Nursery: How to be Unique

You're ready to create your babe's nursery, how fun!! You're going old school and waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl, but you want that room ready to go when you need it!

You’ve done your research. Checked out some of the well-known baby stores. Browsed around Pinterest. And frankly, you’re unimpressed. Nothing reaches out and grabs you saying, “I am perfect for your completely individual little one!”. It’s all a bit blah, and you want something extraordinary. Why should your nursery look like anyone else’s?

You’re. In. Luck. Because there are some ways to be super unique with your gender-neutral nursery and I’m spilling them with you. Read on!

Unique Gender-Neutral Nursery: Use History

Ideally add something you already love to the room like a beloved blanket or throw. A huge part of being a parent is to share traditions and memories of loved ones.

The baby blanket that your grandma crocheted is way more than a way to keep warm. It's a reminder of her love for you and a memory yet-to-be-made for you and baby.

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Unique Gender-Neutral Nursery: Buy Handmade

To me hand-made treasures are above and beyond better than store-bought. It warms my heart to know that a person crafted this. I’ll pay a little more for that history and community support.

And my favorite place to pick up these hand-crafted treasures? Etsy. I’m talking wool-felted mobiles. Or dream catchers. You name it, someone on Etsy has made it. Or will make a custom one for you. Bam. You’ve supported a small business, an artist AND you have a one-of-a-kind item.

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Unique Gender-Neutral Nursery: Insider Information

Here's a place where you can absolutely add your touch and no. one. else. will have this in their nursery.

  • Take your inside jokes and find a way to display them in baby's room.

    • Maybe this is a line of music from the song playing on your first date.

    • Or an inappropriate exchange that will automatically crack your significant other up when you mention it.

  • Whatever it is, either create it yourself or hop on over to Etsy and get someone to create a print for you.

    • There will be times where you are stressed in this nursery. Or tired. Or both. And seeing your wall art will make you smile. At least for a moment.

    *Quick tip: if you see your phrase/quote/what have you ready-made to buy on Etsy think of another quote if you can. If it's absolutely THE thing you want in your room, then go for it. But one person started with "Dream big, little one". And now it's everywhere. Not what you had in mind.

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Unique Gender-Neutral Nursery: Mix and Match

Now you don't have to find everything handmade, handed down or have special significance. Goodness, that would be exhausting! And putting your unique gender-neutral nursery together should be fun!

So yeah, head to those "big box" stores like Crate and Kid (formerly Land of Nod) or Pottery Barn Kids. They have some really cute stuff and great basics. But avoid going in, picking up everything from one line and calling it a day. You'll "see" your nursery visiting your friends. And who wants that?

Unique Gender-Neutral Nursery: Think Outside the (Baby Store) Box

The other thing to keep in mind if you're shopping at big box stores is to look beyond the baby section.

Curtains, throw pillows, rugs......wallpaper! These can all be found at stores you wouldn't necessarily consider baby stores, but man do they pop up in your head when you think "stylish". And that's just what you're going for.

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In the end, be true to yourself and your family. No one can tell you how to create your gender-neutral nursery if you want it to be truly, uniquely you. Only you hold the key to that puzzle. Fill the room with things that are meaningful to you and that you love. No one'll ever have a room like that. Your family is perfectly unique and baby's nursery will be too. Enjoy.

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