Fall Decor That Flat Out Doesn't Suck. You're Welcome.


So it's official. Fall is here. I've looked around and some of the stuff out there? Puts me in a sugar coma.

Way too many cutesy curly cues and crafty crafts. There is burlap out there used willy-nilly. And "rustic" and "farmhouse" are thrown around with abandon. I'm just saying be careful; it's an autumn craft bonanza out there. Look out for each other.

Don't get me wrong. I will always always have my son's framed hand print turkey out. But there's other stuff out there that fits my design style waaay better than someone else's craft. That represents my family, what we value, what we find visually appealing. That, to us, DOESN'T SUCK! Here are my tips:

Fall décor that doesn't suck: color

Do everyone a favor and look beyond orange. Please, for the love of god. I ask this with orange being my absolute favorite color. So I ask that fall as a season not ruin it. Okay?

  • Think of all the gorgeous leaves you've got around this time of year! Deep reds, (some) orange, mellow yellows and even some (ever)green if you're up in my area.

  • The point is there isn't really a color you *can't* use in fall, the trick is in the tone. Think deep and saturated.

  • And don't forget metallics! I got into mixing finishes here, but I say all systems "go" for all metals. Check out the copper wall decor below!

Copper Garland from  duetofpapers  at Etsy

Copper Garland from duetofpapers at Etsy

Fall décor that doesn't suck: walls

There are lots of wall art you can get this time of year. "The Witch Stops Here" those sorts of things. But I'm going to suggest something fall-ish but not slap-you-in-the-face-silly fall.

  • As I mentioned in this blog, I'm a huge fan of the mismatched plate walls I've been seeing. This is a perfect opportunity for one of those!

    • If you have a set of family dishes that you can have one of, fantastic! You're off and running!

    • If not? Head to the thrift store! They'll always have random dishes.

  • Before you create your display, think of the general theme/palette you want. Or get inspired by a dish you already have.

  • After that, look for complimentary (not matchy matchy) plates.

    • Use one of the colors, but in a different size.

    • Use a more modern take if you have a traditional inspiration piece. Eclectic is the word of the day.

    • Gather as many as you can. You can narrow down once you're arranging.

Fall is also the. Perfect. Time. For boho "gorgeous rustic stick with yarn hanging down" wall art. Or crochet wall hangings. Get 'em out and get 'em up there!.

Plates available from  Anthropologie . Boho wall hanging tutorial  here . Hint: bring a translator

Plates available from Anthropologie. Boho wall hanging tutorial here. Hint: bring a translator

Fall décor that doesn't suck: outdoor décor

To me, fall, and winter that follows are about community, family and visitors. And what better way to make a friend feel welcome than by welcoming them with a doormat and wreath.

  • For me, I prefer simple. Homey.

  • Go funny on the doormat if you want to. But keep it calm with the wreath.

    • Bonus point that you don't have to track down stray bobbles as they fall off the wreath!

"Hello Pumpkin"  doormat from  5thandGraceCo  on Etsy

"Hello Pumpkin" doormat from 5thandGraceCo on Etsy

Fall décor that doesn't suck: objects

I'm an interior decorator. You know I've got some ideas for little objects. By little objects, I mean those little guys that you have around the house that mean something to you or that just have a little extra quirk or interest. This is where you can really set yourself apart from the crowd if you do it right.

  • So, here, I've avoided the whole scarecrow landmine (although there are surely some decent ones out there) and stayed as close to nature as I could. 

  • Because how cute are these owls?

    • But not over the top cute. Cute in the "babies in nature is the cutest" cute.

  • And the candles add a great ambient light.

    • Visual texture and nature all at the same time.

    • The best part? These are LED lights, not actual candles.

      • Children will not burn themselves out of curiosity!

      • You do not have to have them at shoulder height to keep them out of the way!

I would add both of these to my living room in a second!

Speaking of the little kiddo safety, as with all decor, make sure what you choose is age appropriate and/or in a safe place.

  • These candles won't burn, but the boho wall hanging wouldn't a good toy for littles make. 

  • Keep an eye on anything hanging. Getting tangled up is all too easy for little guys and gals. 

**Expert tip: get some decor that you CAN have down low for kids to play with and explore. They'll love the novelty and the "up high" stuff won't hold as much draw.

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