5 Things For A Fabulous Holiday Table

Picture this scenario: you're about 8 or 9 years old. You're sitting at the dinner table for Thanksgiving. Your (good) clothes are itchy and uncomfortable. You're expected to eat food that you only see once a year. And when you do see it? Not something you're thrilled about. You can imagine this (or something similar) I'm guessing. And, I can't speak for you, but it's not among my favorite childhood memories.

Luckily, this does not have to be the case for the youngsters eating at your table this Thanksgiving. You, my friend, can have a beautiful, family-friendly holiday table that will inspire warm, festive memories for all. Stay tuned, I'm going to share with you how. I'm not going to start with where the butter knife goes or which glass you use for white and which for red wine. You can find that on Pinterest. Or here. This one is pretty nice. What I WILL tell you, is the how. How you can decorate a gorgeous holiday table for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Holiday table decor tip #1: color palette

Okay, there are MANY schools of thought when it comes to color schemes for holiday tables. The boho way is go big or go....well, just go big. Bold colors, mixing patterns. The bigger the better! And that can be extremely comforting and homey. It can also be A LOT. Personally, I lean towards my Scandi side here and keep the color scheme minimal (one color and a neutral or multiple neutrals). This presents a calm vibe and lets the food really be the star of the show. 

**Family-friendly tip: I've mentioned it before, but let everyone breathe a bit easier by providing IKEA, melamine, or other not-as-treasured-as-Granny's-china plates, glasses, what have you, for the kiddie table.

Holiday table decoration tip #2: texture

While I go simple on the color scheme, I say the more the merrier with textures. Nubby linen, woven chargers, bumpy glasses. These all say "comfort" and "family" to me. There's something perfect to me in the imperfection of it. Sleek and modern I am not, when it comes to Thanksgiving.

**Family-friendly tip: white tablecloths can easily be bleached if spills occur, darker colors like browns and TEXTURES hide these as well. No need to add heart attacks to the menu.

Holiday table decoration tip #3: centerpiece

Now, don't get me wrong, as I mentioned earlier, the food is absolutely the star of this table. But a nice, visual centerpiece is also nice. Especially in fall, I like to bring in nature from outside. At Thanksgiving, how can you not? No, I'm not suggesting a cornucopia for the center of your table. What I AM advocating for is something warm, welcoming and seasonal. More questions? I have a blog just for you! Ultimately? This is not your average mac and cheese meal (although that very well could be on the menu). It's special! Punctuate that!

**Family-friendly tip: as kids will be the adventurous, ornery little ones they are, just assume they WILL get into the centerpiece (as much as we try to prevent it). It's right there. It's visually interesting. Make sure if plants are used that they're non-toxic and that candles are placed and used thoughtfully.

Holiday table decoration tip #4: history

Yep! You knew it was coming! This would not be an authentic "me" blog without working some sense of history, family and soul into your tablescape. This is the PERFECT time to bring out Grandma's serving platter, or the tablecloth that your mother-in-law embroidered. Not only do you celebrate and thank these beloved friends and family, but you share their stories with the youngsters. The ultimate in family.

Holiday table decoration tip #5: humor

Um, what? Yep! Throw something funny in there. In my mind, this is not a super conservative, formal occasion. It's a time to eat some good grub and enjoy each other's company. So why not throw in a wink of humor there? It can be something as small as the little fox salt and pepper shakers I have below, or paper mustaches that everyone wears! In short: lighten it up! Enjoy each other.


**Family-friendly tip: If you get the little ones laughing and giggling, it is absolutely contagious. Give it a go; you'll see what I mean. And who can be grumpy when that starts?

You have enough craziness going on around this time of year. Don't let making a lovely, family-friendly holiday table add to this. There's nothing crazy or particularly hard to do; you can totally do this! 

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