How To Decorate For Fall Like the Rockstar That You Are


Let me start out by saying this. You are, indeed, a rockstar. You know it. I know it. Time to let your friends and neighbors know it. Sure, you could go to Home Depot to buy generic decor, or take a stab at a Pinterest craft, but let's be honest here. You, my friend, are unique. You don't do what everyone else does. You do things that are special to you. That show your personality. And that shouldn't stop with seasonal decoration. Here are some great ideas to decorate for fall, you-style.

Decorate for fall tip #1: Outside

Let's start where fall actually starts, outdoors! Make your home welcoming to visitors right off the bat with a seasonal wreath and/or door mat! Personally, when it comes to wreaths, I say the simpler the better. A tasteful base with a few seasonal touches as accents. Like this one:

Door mats are also pretty "no frills" at my home. Essentials are fall colors, preferably a texture to wipe your shoes on and, in my opinion, a bit of humor thrown in. At my house, we never take things too seriously. Even the decor.

Decorate for fall tip #2: throws and throw pillows

Ah, September and October are here and, finally, I am not given the side-eye when I curl myself up in layers of throws and deposit myself on the sofa. It's about time the world caught up to me! Super easy, probably the easiest, ways to change into fall decor is with pillows and throws. Such tiny pieces with such super powers. Again, in fall hues.

Decorate for fall tip #3: mantel

When I say "mantel" I really mean any flat surface that you care to decorate. For me? A flat surface out of the hands of small people stands the best chance of making it through the season. Nothing is certain, but I give it a fighting chance. But you can also do a side table, or coffee table, or bookshelf. You know what you've got!

I love to add candles (oh so many scrumptious candle scents out there!), a few books (dust jackets off for a more Ivy-league look) and a picture frame.

One thing to keep in mind about fall decor is metallics. And picture frames are a great place to add this in. The colors and textures of fall are all about being cozy, warm and a bit muted. But you want to add little pops of life in there too! Enter metallics. They help bounce light around the room so it doesn't get too heavy.

Decorate for fall tip #4: table top

Another easy one! Am I suggesting that you have a separate set of dishes for each season? I am not. Some may love doing this (Hiya, Mom! Thanks for reading!) but there are easier ways to have a big impact on the table without taking this step. 

Table linens: this can be as simple as finding a new (texture happy, of course!) table cloth or set of cloth napkins (I know, I know, but the environment!!). Another way to add in some fun, especially for the tinies, is to have some seasonal plates. Those melamine ones you can find in Target for about a buck? Goldmine! They have both sophisticated (yes, said in the same paragraph as melamine, but give it a look!) and silly. And they don't cost a ton. Top shelf of the dishwasher only!

Decorate for fall tip #5: bedding

"Yes, yes", I hear you say. "We knew she would bring it back to bedding". So, yeah! Here I am! And, while some lucky places get their flannel bedding out at this time of year (welcome BACK lovelies), you can also change up the entire feeling of your bedroom by stealing some ideas from the living room. Yes, throws, throw pillows and metallics can play here too. And, because it's me, I'm advocating for the chunkier and texture-ier (you like that one?) the better. Snuggle in!

Well, I don't know about you, but I am ready to plop down, wrap myself in a chunky $300 ginormous knitted throw (don't stop me, I'm dreaming here), lay my head on a velvet pillow and take a long snooze to celebrate the season. And now you can decorate for fall too! In a way that is purely you.

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