Personal Home Decor That'll Make You Smile

My sister-in-law, Clare, has a birthday coming up. And she, like you and I do, appreciates personal home decor. Nothing too serious, Nothing precious. Just something fun that means something special to her.  So what did I find that was perfection for her birthday gift? Read on to the end! In the mean time, here are some super easy tips for ways to get that personal home décor look!

Personal Home Decor: mismatched (but meaningful) dinnerware

You know me; I advocate for a clean, minimal, matched set of dinnerware. But there are times that call for a special bowl or mug when you need a little pick me up

  • Your dish/bowl/mug/what-have-you can be an expensive splurge or a thrift store find. You'll be the only one who knows!

  • This is a super easy place to use that mug you picked up at Wall Drug or your Uni coffee cup.

    • Me? I've got a 2015 Royals World Champions mug for those down in the dumps day

  • Bringing in a punch of pattern or color is a great supplement to the seriousness of the everyday dinnerware

Personal Home Decor: Bedsheets

In general, your sheets usually play a supporting role to your duvet/comforter/quilt. But if you want to get a bit sassy? Keep it under the covers!

  • Most of the time the sheets under your covers won't show. So do your thing!

  • Satin in winter? Mismatching and clashing prints? Yes!

    • And if you're a Christmas-flannel-sheet-year-'round-lover like me, treat yourself!

  • If you are half sass, throw yourself a fun pillow case. Kids in particular love this!

Personal Home Decor: Return to Your Roots

Hopefully we all have happy childhood memories. And how great is it to take a break from your busy day and think back to a simpler time? Throw those puppies in your personal home decor!

  • Some things are great to share! My kiddos have a bajillion Lego that their dad passed down to them

  • Some things....not so much. "Hands OFF my Kermit the Frog glass, please!"

  • And chances are, if these make you smile, your friends will have "Awww! I remember that!" reactions too.

See? Wasn't that easy? There you have three tips for adding personal home decor into your room (without giving a damn if others like it). And I know you're wondering what I got Clare! Well, wait no longer….here's what I sent her.

Donna Wilson Dove Plate

She loves the artist Donna Wilson. Her products are great examples of whimsical, quirky items that are just plain fun to look at.

Will Clare use these plates at fancy dinner parties? Probably not. Do they even match her current dinnerware? Who knows? The point is this: it doesn't have to! These are little "inside jokes" to her from me that celebrate our friendship. A perfect pick me up.

Alright, now that you've read these tips, I want to hear from you! Have you used any of these in your home? Or do you have others that you'd add? I want to see them in the comments below. Start the conversation, friends!

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