Be Unique! Have a Boho Style or Scandinavian Christmas (Or Both!!)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! But.......where's the excitement? Where's the novelty? Red, and green? Sure. Been there many times.  Everywhere. But you want more. Something that stands out. That is not your ordinary Christmas decor. And I've got ideas for you! I'm so excited to share them with you! Let's talk Christmas: boho style and Scandi chic.

Now at first glance, these styles seem pretty far apart. Minimal versus maxing it out. Neutrals versus colors. But in the end, they have more in common than they do apart. Let me show you.

Christmas Boho Style

Click on item to explore more. Featuring original art from Glitterville (Nutcracker) and August Wren (plate)

Keys to Christmas boho style: color palette

The great thing about boho style is that you can pretty much have any color scheme you want. As long as you incorporate textures, patterns, and the rest, you're set! For this blog, I want to go "Big Bold Boho". Lots of warm, saturated colors. Sure, red and green will be there, but yellows, magentas, purples....they're also invited to the party. The more the merrier!

Keys to Christmas boho style: global influence

One of the keys to boho style is wanderlust. You want to get out there! Meet new people! See things you've never seen before! And you've brought some treasures home from these travels. Christmas is a perfect time to represent people and cultures from around the world.

Keys to Christmas boho style: textures

Textuuuuurrrres. Yes please! Bring on the velvets, nubby cottons, woven wall hangings and tassels! Celebrate this season! The best, the boldest the most ornate.

Scandinavian Christmas

Click on item to explore more. Featuring original art from Farmhouse Pottery (ceramic trees)

Keys to Scandinavian Christmas: Color palette

So, yes, a typical Scandi color scheme will be a medley of creams, greys, browns....neutrals. And that is a great place to start! But, at Christmas.....let's take it up a notch and introduce a bold hue. In this case, I'm taking my cue from the winterberries that say "Christmas" to me. The deep, passionate red really warms up a neutral palette. 

Keys to Scandinavian Christmas: Nature

For Scandi Christmases, nature nurtures. Imagine yourself in a Scandi country at Christmas. What do you see? Me? I see snow, evergreens (another great choice to add to your palette above if red doesn't grab you), reindeer, cabins....a typical snowy paradise. Sooooo bring that feeling to YOUR home.

Place the logs in your home a little more thoughtfully. Make them part of your decor! Keep your wreath really realistic (and real if you can swing it!). For Christmas, stay natural.

Keys to Scandinavian Christmas: Textures

When you live in a winter wonderland, you'll want to cuddle up, right? And that is PERFECT for Christmas. Bring in blankets, pillows, slippers. The cozier the better.

But texture applies to your eyes as well as your skin. Eyes love looking at multi-dimensional objects. Items that require a little extra attention. The good news is that the textiles you choose can go hand in hand with your color palette and nature decor. Those logs you brought in? Keep the ones with knots. The blankets you wrap 'round you? Chunky knits are PERFECT for this. 

PSST! I mentioned above that these styles have more in common than you might think. They do! And what's great about that is that you can mix and match them if you choose! Take a minimal cream and gold color palette (a la Scandi chic) and go crazy with the the textures and patterns. Voila! Bohemian Scandinavian winter wonderland. Best of both worlds!

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