5 Insider Secrets: The Best Room Colors Beyond Pink

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After reading the blog on princess theme rooms that you'll actually be able to stand, a friend messaged me recently and mentioned that she was thinking of updating her daughter to a "big girl" room. Yay! But she was having trouble finding anything beyond the blizzard of pink. Boo!

Because she's not wrong. The decor available "for girls**" is overwhelmingly pink. For good reason; lots of little ones love pink! But they might like other colors just as much given the option! So I said "enough" and sent myself on a mission to find cute bedroom ideas that didn't involve pink. Here's what I found; you'll love it!

Best room colors beyond pink: on the cool side of things

On the opposite side of the color wheel from pink there are the cool colors.There's blue, of course. The right shade, in light fabrics with girly lines is the epitome of fresh for a little girl. Blue leads easily into indigo and purple. And purple? Well purple's pretty popular too! But don't leave out green! A soft spearmint or a fun aqua....both great green-friendly options!

Blue: Monkey Meetup Pillow at Anthropologie, Waves wallpaper at Chasing Paper, Baha Garden Throw Pillow at Crate & Kids, Magic Disco Caravan Duvet Cover from Justina Blakeney at Pottery Barn Kids. Green: Llama Green Wallpaper by Clairebella, Liberty for Anthropologie Nina Taylor Duvet Cover, Monika Forsberg Butterfly Pillow at Anthropologie, Purple: Daydream (lavender) wallpaper by Hygge and West, Sketched Flower Throw Pillow at Crate & Kids, Liberty for Anthropologie Bonnie Bloom Duvet

Best room colors beyond pink: warming it up

Not to be outdone, there are warmer colors to give pink a run for its money. I am the hugest fan of orange, and these choices just make my heart sing. But on the other hand? I remember my nursery being a sunny yellow and the thought of it just makes me smile. Get the right, buttery color, and it's sunshine in a jar.

Orange: Josee Quilt at Anthropologie, Daydream (orange) wallpaper at Hygge and West, Animal Arrangement pillow at Anthropologie, Cat Collective pillow at Anthropologie, Hammonton Duvet from Anthropologie, New Leaf Wallpaper (Coral) from Anthropologie. Yellow: Daydream (yellow) at Hygge and West, Rosa (yellow) by Rifle Paper Co. for Hygge and West, Daisy Bedding at Crate & Kids, Cat Ears Cushion from Donna Wilson

Best room colors beyond pink: keep it neutral

Another option that I love is to keep things neutral and add color here and there. Yes, pink, you can come to this party if you behave. Interiors, thankfully, are moving away from gray and into warmer creams, whites and even light beiges. The colors that you add have a great springboard to sing against this neutral foundation.

Wallpaper: INSUFFERABLE SUCCULENTS REMOVABLE WALLPAPER by Salome NJ at WallsNeedLove, Tasseled Araya Duvet Cover at Anthropologie, Yalisa Duvet Cover at Anthropologie, The World Is Your Oyster Embroidered Pillow from Anthropologie, Palm Tree Fringe Bolster Pillow by Justina Blakeney

Best room colors beyond pink: balance it out

Sometimes it just isn't worth it to fight pink. It's kind of everywhere. But you CAN add it without getting into pink overdose. Balance it carefully with other colors so that it's not IN YOUR FACE. Have a pink in a print with other happy colors. The key is that not every thread of every fabric in the room has to be pink to have a room that celebrates it!

Wallpaper: Autumn Blooms Painted Floral by theartwerks at Spoonflower , Monika Forsberg Butterfly Pillow at Anthropologie , Tahla Quilt at Anthropologie

Best room colors beyond pink: young at heart

When you're using colors for rooms that go outside of the "majority of kids rooms should be pink or blue" offerings you find at most kids decor stores, you have to be careful not to lose that playful spirit. These are still kiddos, afterall!

I'll let you in on a secret that I use pretty darn often when I'm looking for bedding. I don't look at kids bedding. In general it can get over the top super easily either in color or design (or both). So when I want bedding that is a bit more sophisticated (but still fun!) and in keeping with the decor in the rest of the house I go to the bedding section of my favorite store.

A lot of the options will be pretty, well, adult. But there are some that you can definitely play with. And the easiest way to bring in that playfulness is with throw pillows. Another option? Throw in some less-than-serious wallpaper, as shown above. You'll have the perfect kids bedroom (beyond just pink) for your lively little one.

*** I want to address the "pink is for girls" line of thought. I think boys and girls should feel free to embrace whatever color speaks to them. One of my favorite little preschool friends was a little guy who wore his pink Minecraft pig costume in to school everyday. And I think that society is turning towards a less gender-rigid definition of color. But it's not there yet. For this blog's ease of reading, I'm going to refer to girls, but truly, this is written for any family who has a kiddo who LOVES pink but doesn't want or need an overdose in the process of decorating.