California Cool-- Beachy Boho Nursery Must Haves

boho nursery.PNG

Oh, boho. You make me so so happy. Warm, relaxed, comfortable....and, really, what qualities could be more wonderful for the tiniest of tinies, your babies? And, believe it or not, this easy breezy style is easy peasy to put together. I'll give you some tips, you go create your own boho nursery! Let's go!

Boho Nursery Must-Have #1: Bring the Outside In

Imagine yourself living on the beach. Sun, sand, soothing noises. In short, nature at its best. And boho nurseries incorporate the elements seamlessly. In the mood board above, jute in the pouf, feathers on the mobile and some hanging plants represent nature, bringing in the outside in.

Boho Nursery Must-Have #2: Pattern Play


Okay, we're going back to high school here for a minute. I know, I know, but hang with me, okay? Remember that one girl? The arty one. The one who looked like everything was effortless to her. The one who, if you tried to wear her wardrobe, you'd look full on ridiculous but she somehow pulled it all off. Remember her? Yeah. Me too. Well, she had a great hold on pattern mixing just like a boho nursery. The more patterns the better, but here's the trick (what I didn't know in high school): choose one uniting color throughout all the patterns. A blue, black, cream. Above, I chose blue. Now, as long as you have that color, or a close sibling/hue, you can mix and match with ease. For the ultimate in relaxed perfection, change up the size of the patterns. Some big and bold, others sweet and smaller.

Boho Nursery Must-Have #3: A Bit of History

But really, if you're getting down to the nitty-gritty of a boho nursery, you need soul. Spirit, if you will. You need to welcome your little one with memories and mementos of the ones who love them the most. There is no specific furniture piece or blanket. For each family it's different! For me, I framed a greeting card my sister-in-law sent me a long time ago. On it, there was a "Pollard St". And to me, that card reminded me of her kindness and our Pollard-ness. I know, I know, I can get "out there" sometimes. But this is the heart of boho: feeling. And most of all, your little one should feel your love.

Now, that was easy, wasn't it? Throw together a few natural elements, a calm, soothing color scheme, throw in some playful patterns and meaningful items. You can totally do this. And if not? I'm here to help. Let me know if you'd like to plan a project together. It will be amazing, I promise you.